Economics & Politics

The Spectre of Austerity
Should Billionaires Get Bailouts?
Business, As Usual
Finance Capital and the Conservative Party
Retirement at 75: It's About Class, Stupid
The Market Mess in Higher Education
Big Business and Brexit
Immaterial Labour and Intangible Capital
The Basic Income and the Cult of Work
The Economics of Polarisation
Neoliberalism and the Battle of Ideas
Capitalism and Social Media
Emmanuel Macron and Neoliberalism
Why the Right Fears the Four Day Week
Work and the Second Machine Age
The Indolence of British Capitalism
After Neoliberalism
Britain's China Syndrome
Understanding China's Stock Market Collapse
Greece Votes No: What Now?

Notes on the Greek Crisis
Why Labour Should Adopt the Citizen's Income
More Notes on the Citizen's Income
Saudi Arabia and the Economics of Hypocrisy
Ideology, Politics, and the Deficit
Market Socialism: Basic Ideas
How Not to Criticise Space Exploration
The Great High Speed White Elephant
Why AstraZeneca's Ownership Matters
What's Really Driving NHS Costs?
London and the Rest
For the 50p Tax Rate
The Decadence of BAE Systems
Dave's Big Squeeze
Dear Prudence
The Society for Cutting Up Jobs
The Death of the High Street

Labour Movement Politics
A Note on Postwar Pit Closures
Defeating Gerard Coyne
Section 44 Does Not Protect You
A Conservative Case for Trade Unions
On Tim Roache's Resignation
The Basic Income as an Attack on Workers
Labour and the New Working Class
On Working Class Aspiration
The Left After the 2017 General Election
Fully Automated Luxury Communism
Against Outsourcing
Oxbridge and the Reproduction of the Ruling Class
Rallies Work
The Grenfell Tragedy is Class War
Gerard Coyne: Another Reason to Vote Len McCluskey
Unite Election: Who is Ian Allinson?
Jeremy Corbyn and Rallies
Explaining the Election of Malia Bouattia
Why are the ATL Raiding Other Unions?
Jeremy Corbyn and the Trade Unions
Don't Blame the Council

In Defence of the Anti-Austerity Demo
On Accepting Knighthoods and Gongs
The Political Economy of Scapegoating
Benefits: Too Fat to Work
Who is White Van Dan?
An Open Letter to Yes-Voting Socialists
In Defence of Free School Meals
Austerity and Trade Union "Betrayal"
In Defence of White Dee
The Politics of Envy
Class Conference 2013
Demonising Part-Time Workers
British Jobs for British Workers?
Labour Link: Turn Crisis Into Opportunity
Unite and Falkirk, Again
Falkirk Fallout
Some Problems with the People's Assembly
"Scroungers" and Class
Against Legal Loan Sharking
The Work Programme: Still Worse than Useless
The Loan Shark's Charter
It's Time to Bash Benefit-Bashing

Party Politics

Fetishing Tough Leadership
Geronimo Must Die
The Superfluity of Coalition Politics
Politics after Batley and Spen
The Clumsy Promotion of British Nationalism
Cringingly Loyal Hoyle
Jog On, Arlene
Why Political Commentary is Useless
The Super League's Own Goal
The Waning of Official Ideology
Loyalism's Tortured Decline
Explaining the Hartlepool Poll
Apologists for State Violence
An Inconvenient Rebellion
The Use and Abuse of Shamima Begum
Dunce Cap for Dunty
The Uses of Captain Tom
The Pandemic Did Not Cause the Capitol Riot
Covid is Killing Britons Faster than WWII
Ten Points on Trump's Attempted Coup
Time for Muscular Liberalism
Three Resolutions for the Twitter Left
If Remain Had Won
Playing the Brexit End Game
The Grotesqueries of the Hacks
Biden, BoJo, and Brexit
The Agonies of American Politics
Emitting Political Toxins
Vote Biden, Vote Democrat
The Democrats and the Politics of Space
Darren Grimes and the Politics of Racism
On Cruelty
After Trump?
Laurence Fox's Fake New Party
The Hack Obsession with Corbyn
The Liberal Distate for Steve Bannon
Is the SNP Going to Split?
Five Years of Facebook: A Rant
Brexit Was Not Made in Moscow
The BBC's Leftist Bias
Fascism as the Politics of Decay
Sleeping with the Fishes
An Apologia for Racism
Chuka Umunna's Jobs
Our Compliant Media
On Speaking Ill of the Ill
Brexit after Coronavirus
Polling is Pointless
Using Twitter Politically
Dear Change UK, a Belated Love Letter
The Corruption of the Mainstream Media
The Working Class Politics of Brexit
Dear Undecided Voter
The Leaders' Debate: Who Won?
The BBC's Anti-Labour Bias
The Best Question Time Ever?
Johnson V Corbyn: The Verdict
Remainers at War
Politics after the New Brexit Deal
The Death of Decency
The Corbynphobia of Extreme Remainism
The Wrong Amazon is Burning
Nothing Compares to GNU
Centrist Dreams Don't Die
After the Brecon By-Election
Facing Up to the CHUK Up
Which Pollster to Believe?
How Likely is a Early General Election?
Your Hot Take on Peterborough
Extinction Rebellion: Strategy and Tactics
Bye Bye Change UK
Our Polarised Electorate
On the Melt Meltdown
Case Studies in Political Atavism
What Next for Brexit?
Is Politics Melting Down?
The Allure of Change UK
Notes on the Local Election Votes
Short Notes on Extinction Rebellion
Whither the One Per Centrists?
Defending Decayed Democracy
Brexit and National Humiliation
Is a New Conservative Party Possible?
The Newport West By-Election
Spreading the Pain
The Class Politics of the Indicative Votes
A Devourer of Souls
The Far Right, the Left, and Anti-Semitism
On Centrist Party Polling
Is the Independent Group a Wind-Up?
Decomposing Liberals
Filling the Void
Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste
Aaron Bastani Vs Smug Centrism
Bolsonaro and Authoritarian Populism
Brexit and Mental Illness
The Politics of No Confidence
Hurrah for the Yellow Shirts?
Fascism Comes to Brazil
More on the Anti-Brexit Movement
The Bourgeois Politics of the People's Vote March
When Centrism Tanks
A Defence of BBC Question Time
Ten Points About Brazilian Politics
No Second Referendum
Donald Trump Protests: What's the Point?
The Peculiar Politics of the NHS
Democracy Beyond Liberal Democracy
Does the EU Have a Death Wish?
The Royal Wedding and Indifference
On the Centrist Fetishising of "Talent"
Understanding the Local Election Logjam
Owen Jones vs the British Media Establishment
Jeremy Hunt: A Very Qualified Defence
The Centre Party Delusion
10 Points on Russia and British Politics
Our Snowflake Press
How to Predict Politics
Why British Politics is Polarising
Politics and Hypocrisy: A Socialist View
Guido Fawkes: Troll and Hypocrite
Journalistic Privilege and Bias
Remainia and Structural Naivete
Friendships with the Enemy
Parliamentary Cretinism
Fascism and Economic Anxiety
Five Reasons Why a New Centre Party is a Stupid Idea
Defending the Indefensible
What is Donald Trump?
Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them
Who's Heard of UnHerd?
Holding Out for a (Liberal) Hero
Against a Tory/Labour Brexit Coalition
The Welcome Death of Liberal England
Why Did the Pundits Get the Election Wrong?
Revisiting Lesser Evilism
Leaders' Question Time: Who Won?
On the BBC Election Debate
May vs Corbyn: The Verdict
Guido Versus Skwawkbox
The Political Economy of the Moral Lobotomy
What is the Dementia Tax?
Explaining Laura Kuenssberg's Bias
Economic Anxiety and Donald Trump
Local Election Take Homes
Who's Running the Best Election Campaign?
General Election 2017 Overview
Waiting for Jolyon
The Sun, Kelvin MacKenzie, and Tabloid Economics
On the New Statesman Protest
Dutch Lessons for the Centre Left
Nicola Sturgeon's Independence Ambush
The Stupidity of Melanie Phillips
Fake News and Fake History
Brexit and Democracy
Westminter's Non-Interest in Northern Ireland
How to Win the War: Rules for Lefties
Living Dead Liberalism
The Dirty Politics of Clean Brexit
Quick Notes on Sleaford
The Three Ages of Politics Blogging
Tribalism and the Progressive alliance
Why Renzi Lost the Referendum
French Lessons for the Centre Left
Politics After Richmond
The SNP's Blather About Blair
Marine Le Pen on Andrew Marr
Short Notes on Populism
Why Did We Call It Wrong?
Race, Class and Donald Trump
Vote Hillary, Vote Democrat
Against Political Fairy Tales
A Defence of Stop the War
The Annoying Necessity of Facebook
You Can't Crowdfund the Centre Ground
Making Sense of the Meltdown
Scattered Thoughts on the Crisis
An Election or a National Government?
On Remain's Anger
Dear Undecided Voter
The Culmination of Toxic Politics
The Lexit Delusion
The Echo Chamber and the Dying Press
A Socialist Case for Remain
Political Realities and the Election Results
Why is the BBC Silent about Tory Electoral Fraud?
Privacy and the Public Eye
Politics and the Panama Papers
Donald Trump's "Liberal" Support
Hillary Clinton: It's the Politics, Stupid
Will there be a Snap Election in 2016?
A Note on Laura Kuenssberg and the BBC
Is Donald Trump a Fascist?
The Complexity of the Oldham By-Election
Million Mask March: A (Qualified) Defence
Britain First and Cynicism
The Royals and the Nazis
Where are the Left Wing Euroseptics?
The Strange Return of the Political Party
Fear, Loathing, and the UK General Election
Why the Right Fears State Power
Are the Media Fawning Over the SNP?
Notes on Nicola Sturgeon
Top 100 Tweeting MPs 2014-15
Dave and Ed's Last Prime Minister's Questions
MPs and Second-Jobbing

Using and Abusing 'Refute'
The Unavoidable Horizon of Lesser Evilism
Who is Steffano Pessina?
Is a Conservative/Labour Coalition Possible?
The Sun vs Russell Brand
The Absurdity of British Politics

Does Globalisation Breed Nationalism?
What Next for Politics?
The UK's Would-Be Assassins
Politics and Independence: How Do You Feel?
A New Constitutional Settlement for England
Politics Before and After the Referendum
Seven Leftwing Reasons for Staying With Us
On the "Obsession" with Israel and Palestine
Why BBC News Ignored the People's Assembly March
Lazy Thinking and the European Election Results
Political Scandal and Indifference
Depoliticise MPs Pay
It's Time to Scrap Pairing
Anti-Politics and the Problem of Listening
Why Party Conferences Still Matter
Damian McBride and Westminster Bubblegum
Siobhain McDonagh and the Social Contract
February 15th, 2003
Defining Political Bloggers
The Leveson Report
Is There Bias on BBC Question Time?
Police and Crime Commissioner Shambles
Electoral Reform and Socialism

Dead Wood and Crooker Timbers
The Winter Covid Plan's Reckless Stupidity
Geronimo and Conservative Philosophy
The Tories' Regressive Social Care Plan
The Politics of Foreign Policy Humiliation
Rishi Sunak's Return to Work Drive
A Life of Grimes
Playing the Covid Blame Game
Looking Back at the Wreckage
Dominic Cummings's Indecent Exposure
Freedom for Some Day
The Levelling Up Con
Against Internet Authoritarianism
We're Singing for England
Neoliberal Necropolitics
Sajid Javid's Covid Psychopathy
The Affairs Within the Affair
Brexit Trade Deals and the Tory Class Interest
Normalising Institutional Corruption
The Class Politics of Work/Life Balance
The Limits to Divide and Rule
Social Conservatism and Tory Overreach
The Doings of Cummings
Rebuilding the Red Wall
The Tory Attack on Farmers
The Politics of Indecision
Kuenssberg to the Rescue
Bringing Up the Bodies
The Myth of Tory Genius: A Case Study
Tory Sleaze and Ruling Class Solidarity
The Tories' Paralysing Procrastination
The Tories' Racist Gaslighting
Why Boris Johnson is Teflon
The Tory Attack on the Right to Protest
The Tory Politics of the 1% "Pay Rise"
Rishi Sunak's Two-Nation Toryism
Boris Johnson's Russian Roulette
Playing Politics with Coronavirus
Boris Johnson and Thatcherism
Preserving Tory Authority
The Tory Food Parcel Scam
A Lockdown in Name Only
The Rightwing Obsession with Cancelling
A Sociology of Tory Covid Short-Termism
The Most Dangerous Man in Britain
Lionising Boris Johnson
Priti Patel, the Tories, and the Death Penalty
The Shite Before Christmas
Boris Johnson's Tier Four Fears
The Tory Dark arts
The Tory Sovereignty Fetish
Dishy Rishi's Class Act
Boris Johnson's Christmas Cracker
Boris Johnson's Hungry Kids Climbdown
On Tory Incompetence and Stupidity
Suffer the Little Children
Tier and Loathing in Manchester
The Tory Uses of Scottish Nationalism
Crocodile Tiers
The Tories' Northern Discomfort
Why do the Tories Hate the Arts?
Boris Johnson's Blue Jerusalem
Ideology, Class, and Coronavirus
The Tory Higher Education Dilemma
The Tories and the British Fox News
On Tory Law Breaking
Covid-19, Capital, and the Conservative Party
The Tories are Winning the Necropolitics
More Tiresome Brexit Posturing
The Tories and the BBC
Dido Harding: A Case of Failing Upwards
Classrooms and Class Politics
A Depression Made in Downing Street
Are the Scottish Tories Doomed?
Against the Tory Age Tax
Face Mask Panic and Right Wing Whingeing
The Class Politics of Points-Based Immigration
Why are the Tories Invulnerable?
Permanently Perpetuating Polarisation
The Biopolitics of Herd Immunity
The Conservative Party and the State
Psychopathy and Short-Termism
Thatcherites Against Austerity
Do the Tories Fear Keir?
Tories and Statues
The Sick Man of Europe
Will There Be a Tory Rebellion?
In the Rose Garden
Cummings and Goings
The Barney with Barnier
Conservatism After Coronavirus
Is Boris Johnson Losing It?
The Next Step to More Infections
The Class Politics of Easing the Lockdown
Why do the Tories Want to Cut Furlough Payments?
The Sociology of the Vine/Gove Bookcase
Reckless or Psychopathic?
Guido Fawkes and Right Wing Cynicism
The Next Tory Attack on Universities
Defining the Politics of Covid-19
Coronavirus: Why Tory Support Falls Short
Finding Coronavirus Scapegoats
Sunak's Employers' Subsidy
Saving Capital from Coronavirus
Dither and Delay
Criticising the Coronavirus Strategy
Meeting Coronavirus with Complacency
The Class Politics of Big Spending Toryism
Is there a Johnsonism?
The Return of Brexit Brinkmanship
The Tory Obsession with Eugenics
Boris Johnson's Knife Party
The Poitics of the Tory Press Exclusions
A Question of Character
Can the Tories Keep their Working Class Voters?
Boris Johnson and 21st Century Class Politics
The Lying Lies of Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson's Empty Manifesto
The Shape of Tory Things to Come
The Tory Party's £1.2 Trillion Lie
Boris Johnson's Clownish Campaign
On Tory General Election Strategy
How the Tories Can Win
Another Day, Another Brexit Delay
On the Fake Queen's Speech
The Tory Party's Young People Problem
The Genius of Dominic Cummings
Boris Johnson's "New" Brexit Plan
Taking Back Control
Courting Disaster
The Miserable Last Day
After the Week from Hell
Jo-Jo a Go-Go
Is this the End of Boris Johnson?
Will Fortune Favour the Knave?
The EU's Counter-Brinkmanship
The Politics of Ruth Davidson's Resignation
Why Boris Johnson is Closing Parliament
The Long-Term Decline of the Tories
Countering Tough-on-Crime Populism
Brexit Brinkmanship
Boris Johnson and Cynical Optimism
Day One on Boris Island
The Worst Prime Minister?
Andrew Neil Meets Boris Johnson
Why is the Tory Leadership Contest So Bloody Boring?
The Next Tory General Election Campaign
The Tories Under Jeremy Hunt
Letting Johnson Be Johnson
On Tory Party Psychopathy
Who Won the Tory Leadership Debate?
The Rory Stewart Phenomenon
Career Before Country
Is Boris Johnson Determined to Lose?
On the Road to No Deal
Trump and the Tory Imaginary
How May Could Have Won
The End of Theresa May
Previewing the Tory Leadership Election
Esther McVey and the Working Class
Sympathy for Gavin Williamson
The Revolting Right
An Indulgent Waste of Time
From Brexit to Trexit
Why Don't People Write about the Tories?
Theresa May and the Death of the Tory Party
Signature Politics
An Authoritarian Without Authority
Third Time Lucky?
Brexit's Groundhog Day
Brexit and the ERG
End of the Road
The Tory Politics of Extending Article 50
Party Before Country
The Politics of Tory Time-Wasting
A Special Place in Hell
Lurching Toward No Deal
Mourning Conservative Values
Heidi Allen's Poverty Porn Tour
Can the Tories Win a General Election?
The Cameroons Bite Back
Theresa May's Big Crunch
After the Biggest Defeat Ever
The Far Right and Thwarting Brexit
Regarding the Rat Race
The "Surrender" of Jacob Rees-Mogg
May Survives - What Now?
When Government Has a Nervous Breakdown
More Notes on the Tory Crisis
Theresa May's TV Debate Stunt
Is the Conservative Party about to Die?
Brexit in Crisis
How Theresa May Could Survive
Theresa May's Dreadful Settlement
Thoughts on the Tory Crisis
Brexit: End Game or Paralysis?
Bordering on the Farcical
The Plight of David Cameron
David Davis's Brexit Fantasy
Theresa May's Pitch to Labour MPs
Three Conservative Futures
Juxtaposed with Blue
Tory Leadership Jockeying
Theresa May's Face
The ERG's a Busted Flush
Our Decadent Tory Elite
A Song and Dance about Brexit
Could Boris Johnson Split the Tory Party?
The Tory Uses of Islamophobia
When BoJo Met Bannon
The No Deal Catastrophe
Appeasing the Brexiteers
The Tories in Crisis
Boris Johnson: A Depreciation
Is the Tory Vote Melting Down?
A Chequered Brexit
Hard Road to a Soft Brexit
Against Heathrow Expansion
Boris Johnson's Bog Roll Brexit
The NHS and the Brexit "Dividend"
More on Lies and Lying Liars
The Unionist Politics of Abortion
Can the Tories Appeal to Young People?
Bite the Bullet or Bite the Dust?
Theorising Conservative Catastrophe
The Tory Politics of the Windrush Scandal
Theresa May's Theatrical War
Skripal Skulduggery
The Cloying Desperation of the Tory Press
Boris Johnson and Russia
The Dirty Politics of Cambridge Analytica
The Tories and Betrayal
Theresa May's Waffle and Fudge
Lies, Damned Lies, and Tory Politics
Boris Johnson's Cameroon Brexit
Theresa May's Looming Brexit Disaster
The Brexit Dream Team Delusion
Will there be a Tory Leadership Challenge?
The Conservative Party's Eugenics Problem
The Problem with Tories and Social Media
The Last Days of the Conservative Party?
What is the Brexit Stamp Collection?
The NHS Crisis and Stubborn Tory Voters
Toby Young and the Taming of Higher Education
Andrew Adonis's Brexit Bomb
Robots and Toryism
Damian Green: Making the Bald Man Cry
The Right after the Brexit Deal
Bordering on the Ridiculous
Hammond's Excruciating Budget
Hubris and Nemesis
After Priti Patel
The Problem with Gavin Williamson
On Tory Phantasmagoria
Can the Tories Detoxify?
The Conservative Party's Stable Instability
After the Worst Speech Ever
Theresa May's Transitional Demand
Boris Johnson and Brexit
George Osborne's Feeble Revenge
How Theresa May is Betraying Brexit
From Moggmentum to Nomentum
Theresa May's Delusions
Activate Vs Momentum
Soft Soaping Food Banks
The Stupidity of Jeremy Hunt
Why the Tories Fear University
Tory Tribunal Fee Farce
Andrea Leadsom for Tory Leader
Are the Tories Permanently Screwed?
The Tories' Damning DUP Deal
Can Theresa May Survive?
Are the Tories in Terminal Decline?
Touring Tory Turmoil
Theresa May's Counter-Terrorism Shambles
The Woman Who Would Destroy Britain
The Worst Tory Campaign Ever?
Theresa May's Blairite Manifesto
Grandstanding in Bad Faith
Theresa May and Tory Decadence
The Absurdity of Theresa May
The Scottish Tory Resurgence
Tory Party Campaign Strategy
Theresa May's Surprise General Election
Boris Johnson, Pretend Foreign Secretary
Daniel Hannan, Marxism, and Dishonesty
The Audacity of Osborne
Hammond's National Insurance Nightmare
Meet the Next Tory Leader
Theresa May in Stoke
Surrey, They Haven't A Clue
The Tories and Affordable Renting
The Tories and the Special Relationship
Untangling Theresa May's Attack on GPs
Theresa May and the Shared Society
The Return of Dave
Hammond Underwhelms
How Likely is a General Election?
Zac Goldsmith's By-Election Stunt
Theresa May and Thatcherism
Meet the New Chancellor ...
Theresa May" Brexit Means Wrexit
Tory Cynicism and the Work Capability Assessment
Theresa May and the Boundary Review
Bye Dave
Theresa May's One Nation Toryism
Andrea Leadsom and Tory Decadence
The Man Who Broke Britain
On Tory Weakness
The Canny Politics of Ruth Davidson
Theresa May's Leadership Bid
Dave, Panama, and the Press
Conservative Steel Hypocrisy
Is George Osborne Finished?
On Iain Duncan Smith's Resignation
George Osborne and Political Risk
The Slow Death of the Tory Party
Boris Johnson: Vanity and Opportunism
Michael Gove's Fairy Tale
On Tim Montgomerie's Resignation
The Idiocy of Jeremy Hunt
On Dave's EU Membership "Deal"
The Cameron Plan for Syria
George Osborne's Gamble
Dear Andrew Lloyd Webber
A Note on Tax Credits and Constitutional Crisis
The Conservative Indifference to Steel
Tory Tax Credit Stupidity
David & George
Dave's Speech: It's Just Words
George Osborne's Stalinist Move
Jeers and Loathing in Manchester
The Tories' Trade Union Turn
The "Security" Mantra and Tory Hypocrisy
Dithering Dave and the Refugees
Tory Decadence and the Trade Unions
George Osborne's Decadent Budget
The Politics of Tory Pledge-Breaking
George Osborne's Very Political Economics
Dave's EU-Turns
How the Conservatives Can Win Again
It's Going to be a Long Five Years
Lenin and Hitler Vs Grant Shapps
The Tory Party's Tartan Trauma
The Mystery of the Unfunded Tory Pledges
George Osborne's Car Crash Interview
West Midlands Tory Party Shambles
Why Dave Has Ruled Out a Third Term
Afzal Amin and the Politics of Cynicism
George Osborne's Core Vote Budget
Dave's Debate Dodging
Peter Oborne and the Crisis of Conservatism

The Sociology of Tory Stupidity
The Weak Man of British Politics
The Tory Drive to Suicide
George Osborne's Autumn Statement Failure
How Not to Start a Trending Topic
Decomposing Tories
The Tory Party's 15% Strategy
Iain Duncan Smith and the Race to the Bottom
Dave's Cruel Summer
Shuffling Toward Defeat
The Double Edge of British Values
Why the Tories Want Fracking
Dave's Desperate Referendum Stunt
Epolitics and Libertarianism
George Osborne's Political Vision
The Desperation of the Right
Why Are Welfare Cuts a Moral Crusade?
Dave and Scottish Independence
Dithering Dave and the Floods
Strike Ballots and Unintended Consequences
Introducing Cynical Empiricism
Dave and Energy Bills
Boris Dissected
Stupid Empiricism and the Conservative Party
The Politics of the Marriage Tax Breaks
Tory Responses to Ed Miliband's Speech
Dave's Dilemmas
The Politics of Royal Mail Privatisation
Syria: After the Commons Defeat
The Anatomy of a ConHome Hack Job
Osborne's Zombified Spending Review
The Death Agony of British Toryism
The Final Meltdown
The War on the Poor
The Hard Right: A Thought Experiment
No "Lurch to the Right"?
The Tory War Over Gay Marriage
Tory Disarray Over Europe
Tory Growth and Infrastructure Farce
Osborne's Class War Statement
Can Conservatives Win Again?
Dave's Speech to the CBI

On the Starmerist Manifesto
Neoliberalising the Shadow Cabinet
Keir Starmer's Managed Democracy
Cock Up and Conspiracy
A Man Without Qualities
Solidarity with Jess Barnard
How to Ruin an Opportunity
Neil Kinnock's Timely Warning
The Right Wing Attack on Young Labour
From Blair to Nowhere
The Historic Role of Angela Rayner
Starmerism's Necessary Delusions
Keir Starmer's Pathetic Witch Hunt
From Renaissance to Relapse
Make or Break Time
Labour's Double Standards Why the Establishment Fears Keir
Keir Starmer's Cowardice: Another Exhibit
Evaporating Labour
Abdicating Leadership
Margaret Hodge's Attack on Unite
Can Keir Starmer Turn It Around?
Never Gonna Give You Up
Centrism Rebooted?
Andy Burnham Vs Keir Starmer
Tony Blair Understands Nothing
"Shoot the Mad Dogs!"
On Keir Starmer's Stupidity
10 Points on the 6th May Massacre
On Entitlement
Labour's Right Wing Opportunism
One Abysmal Year of Keir
Labour's Foreign Policy Orthodoxy
Militant Political Science: A Study in Gossip
Why Labour Isn't Serious About Winning
Keir and Imposing in Hartlepool
Previewing the Hartlepool By-Election
Keir Starmer's Reluctant Opposition
To Labourism and Beyond
The Myth of the Vaccine Bounce
Applauding Failure
Emilie Oldknow and the Rare Comeuppance
Keir Starmer Means Business
Labour's Rotten Heart
Burying Corbynism
The Right Wing Defence of Starmerism
Scottish Labour: Vote Monica Lennon
On Labour's Poll Collapse
Can Keir Starmer Win Over the Left?
Keir Starmer's Plastic Patriotism
Why Isn't Keir Starmer 20 Points Ahead?
Timidity as Clever-Clever Politics
A Note on Ruthlessness
Starmerism and Fabianism
A Party for Management Consultants
The Problems with Scottish Labour
Why is Labour Ignoring the Teaching Unions?
Piffle and Drivel in Politics
The Labour Politics of Backing the Brexit Deal
No Holding Back: A Strategy for the Left
A Monologue on Labour's Dialogue Rewards
Keir Starmer's Scotland Strategy
On the Corbyn Project
The Whys and Wherefores of Keith
Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud
Losing Long-Time Labour Members
The Reinstatement of Jeremy Corbyn
Labour's Anti-Vax Social Media Ban
On Labour's NEC Elections Results
Who Will Speak for the Dead?
Labour's Backpedalling on Schools
Jeremy Corbyn's Ridiculous Suspension
A Belated Look at the EHRC Report
Why did Labour Abstain on the Spycops Bill?
Keir Starmer's Trade Union Dramarama
Labour's Awful Sloganising
The Unremarkable Life of Ian Murray
John McDonnell: Be Nice to Keir
Waiting for Opposition
Opposition as Colourless Managerialism
The Ends of Scottish Labour
On Jeremy Corbyn's Defence Fund
The Weakness of Starmerism
What is the Point of a New Left Party?
Keir Starmer's Softly Softly
Activism Vs Labourism?
Labour Together: A Compliment to the Left
Labour Together's Diplomatic Silences
On Hammering the Left
Labour Should Reject Contributory Benefits
The Rosie Duffield Affair
Yvette Cooper's Miserable Capitulation
The Dim Wattage of Thangam Debbonaire
Keir Starmer and the Media
Keir Starmer at Prime Minister's Questions
Could Labour Have Won the 2017 Election?
Keir Starmer's Falkirk Moment
Tony Blair and the Politics of Decay
Understanding the New Shadow Cabinet
The Left and Keir Starmer
Oh Jeremy Corbyn
Wes Streeting on Labour after Corbyn
Keir Starmer vs Coronavirus
Keir Starmer's Unity Mongering
Why I'm Voting for Rebecca Long-Bailey
Emily Thornberry: What was the Point?
Keir Starmer: A Qualified Defence
On Flouncing Labour MPs
Dear Lisa Nandy
On Blairite Obsolescence
Labour's Impossible Election Choice
The Silences of John Harris
The Miserable Collapse of Jess Phillips
The Return of Aspirational Socialism
Comrades for Keir
How to Screw Up a Leadership Election
The Problems with Jess Phillips
Keir-azy for You: Why Starmer Leads
Labour and Progressive Coalitions
A Note on Progressive Patriotism
Ian Lavery Should Not Stand
The Tedium of Dan Jarvis
The Demonology of Jeremy Corbyn
The New Statesman's Miserable Editorial
Labour's General Election Campaign
If Labour Loses
Saying No to Boris Johnson's Election
The Logic of the Labour Leavers
Against Stitch-Ups
What is John McDonnell Playing At?
Can Labour Win a General Election?
Cancelling Tom Watson
Plaid Cymru's Grubby Letter to Labour
On Corbynphobia
The Curious Case of Tom Watson
John McDonnell is Right about Scotland
Alastair Campbell's Tantrum
Against the New Corbyn Coup
The BBC's Anti-Corbyn Hit Job
Woe Jeremy Corbyn?
Welcoming Labour Party Reselections
Corbynism and the Second Referendum
Labour's Crisis of Decomposition
Labour's Crisis of Recomposition
Chuka Umunna's Honest Politics
Institutional Anti-Semitism and Factional Struggle
The Labour Politics of a Second Referendum
Chris Leslie and Elitist Politics
A New Centrist Party is Still a Stupid Idea
Anti-Corbynism and Brexit
John Mann's Red Wash
Corbynism in 2018
Beware Boosterism
The Illusions of David Miliband
Malevolence of Ineptitude?
A General Election is a Necessity
Labour and a Second Referendum
Was New Labour Neoliberal?
Labour and the "Left Behinds
Has Jeremy Corbyn Saved the Labour Party?
Labour's Tax Bombshell
Corbynism and the Trade Unions
McDonnellnomics and Class Struggle
Smearing Michael Foot
Can Blairism Win Back the Labour Party?
Have We Reached Peak Corbynism?
Labour and Institutional Anti-Semitism
Frank Field: An Anti-Eulogy
On the "Magic Grandpa"
On the Campaign Against Corbyn
Silly Season Centrism
No One is Above the Party
Projecting Paranoia
Labour's Incompetent Handling of Anti-Semitism
Extreme Centrism
Besmirching Labour's Name
No Labour Exit from Brexit
On Saboteurs and Sabotage
Luciana Berger and Social Media Abuse
Centrism on the Streets
Worse than Conservative
There's the Decency, Kenneth
On the Lewisham East Shenanigans
Suspend Labour Friends of Israel
Len McCluskey and Labour Anti-Semitism
A Case for Mandatory Reselection
Jeremy Corbyn and the Anti-War Rightwingers
Against Anti-Semitism, for Jeremy Corbyn
When Domestic Violence is a Political Football
Corbynism and Anti-Semitism
A Terrible Stalinist Purge
Is Business Becoming Corbyn Friendly?
The Grotesque Chaos of Clare Kober's Haringey
Labour Councils and Party Discipline
Are Momentum Crap at Selections?
Tony Blair and the Collapse of Centrist Politics
Labour NEC Fallout
Jeremy Corbyn and the Student Vote
The Intellectual Collapse of the Labour Right
Why Galloway Shouldn't Be Allowed Back
Labour NEC Ballot: Vote Left
Thatcherism's Lessons for Labour
Supporting Momentum's Pledges
The Slow Return of Scottish Labour
Solidarity with Bex Bailey
Corbynism and the White Heat of Technology
The End of Progress, Revisited
Jeremy Corbyn and the New Mainstream
On Labour's New Anti-Semitism Rules
Eternal Corbynism
How Not to Write about Corbynism
No More Heroes
Labour's Bankrupt Brexit Rebels
Tony Blair's Immigration Nonsense
On Weaponising Anti-Semitism
Goodbye to Our Kez
The Spontaneous Socialism of the Young
Time to Renew Scottish Labour
The Third Way after Corbynism
On Labour's "Sexist" Industrial Strategy
Silly Season Factionalism
Corbynism and Scottish Labour
Jeremy Corbyn and the Working Class
Tony Blair is Wrong about Everything
Yvette Cooper's "Alternative Vision"
The Politics of Re-Selecting Labour MPs
Thank You Chuka Umunna
The End of Progress?
Corbynism and the Middle Class
Consolidating Corbynism
Labour and 21st Century Class Politics
Campaigning in Derby North
A Note on the Labour Vote
Labour Party Campaign Strategy
Chuka and Dan: Jeremy Corbyn's Heirs?
For the McDonnell Amendment
Ken Livingstone and Anti-Semitism, Again
What Labour Can Do About Brexit
The Collapse of the Labour Right
Owen Jones and Naive Cynicism
Unsolicited Advice for New Labour MPs
On Labour's Victorious Campaign in Stoke
A Quick Word About Tony Blair
Is the Corbyn Moment Over?
What is Corbynism?
Jeremy Corbyn and the Homophobic Knighthood
Previewing the Copeland By-Election
On the Linguistic Innovations of Corbynism
John McDonnell's Tax Cut for the Well Off
After Trump, Corbyn?
The Importance of Arguing Honestly
Momentum's Double Vision
Should Labour Stand in Richmond?
Labour and Anti-Semitism, Again
The Return of Tony Blair
Understanding Jeremy Corbyn's Reshuffle
Jeremy Corbyn and the SWP
Jeremy Corbyn's Prime Ministerial Speech
A Note on the NEC Vote
On Shadow Cabinet Elections
Now What for the Labour Establishment?
Some Critical Advice or Jeremy Corbyn
The Myth of the Ineffective Opposition
Why I Voted for Jeremy Corbyn
Why the Establishment Doesn't Get Corbynism
Can Owen Smith Win?
Labour and Anti-Semitism
Jeremy Corbyn in Derby
Labour at the High Court
Reluctant Corbynism
Is Corbynism a Social Movement?
Splitting the Labour Party
Meeting Citizen Smith
What is Happening to the Labour Party?
The Eagle Has Floundered
Against the Corbyn Coup
Jeremy Corbyn Needs a Media Strategy
Dear Tony
Jeremy Corbyn's Speech to Progress
Managing Labour's Electoral Expectations
Ken Livingstone, Labour, and Anti-Semitism
McDonald's and Labour "Snobbishness"
Is Jeremy Corbyn an Effective Leader?
Jeremy's List
John McDonnell's Very Political Economics
Is Labour Ready for Another Economic Crisis?
Mandates and Mendaciousness
A Note on Yvette Cooper and Nationalisation
Tony Blair and Pragmatism
Labour's Prospects in the Local Elections
Is the Labour Party Middle Class?
Jeremy Corbyn and the Beckett Report
Labour and Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament
At the Labour First Conference
Previewing the Beckett Report
Debunking the Labour Party Coup Fantasy
.... and Neither is Progress "Hard Right"
Jeremy Corbyn is Not a Misogynist
Simon Danczuk and Narcissism
Jeremy Corbyn, Women, and the Shadow Cabinet
On Jeremy Corbyn's Reshuffle
An Essay in Self-Criticism
Farewell to Dan Hodges
I Agree With Tony Blair
Advice for "Bullied" Labour MPs
Hilary Benn's Appalling Speech
Jeremy Corbyn's Syria Crisis
Mao, McDonnell, and Mirth
Understanding Corbynmania
Jeremy Corbyn and Insecurity
iPads and Socialism
Jeremy Corbyn and Shoot-to-Kill
Navigating Our Divided PLP
Constructively Critiquing Corbynomics
Andrew Fisher: It's Not About Rule-Breaking
There Is No Oldham West By-Election Purge
Quick Notes on Lord Warner's Resignation
Whither the Blairite Rebellion?
Guarding Against the Far Left
Party or Constituency? On the Accountability of Labour MPs
Corbynmania and Momentum
A Note on Jeremy Corbyn's Conference Speech
On John McDonnell's Shadow Chancellor's Speech
The Scale of Labour's Challenge
Jeremy Corbyn and Prime Minister's Questions
Jeremy Corbyn and the European Union
A Note on Jeremy Corbyn and the Media
At the Labour Leadership Special Conference
Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Jez
Lessons of the Labour Leadership Campaigns
A Note on Jeremy Corbyn and Panorama
At the West Midlands Progress Conference
For Mandatory Reselections
Who I Voted for Labour Leader
Can Jeremy Corbyn Manage the PLP?
Jeremy Corbyn's Proposed Iraq War Apology
If You Seek a Revolution ...
Yvette Cooper Visits Stoke
An Open Letter to Tristram Hunt
Gordon Brown and Power
Why I Am Voting Jeremy Corbyn
Some Questions for Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn, Stalinism, and the Cold War Boilerplate
Short Notes on the Cruddas Report
Alan Johnson's Amnesia
At Jeremy Corbyn's Birmingham Rally
Labour MPs and Political Leadership
Dear Yvette Cooper
Relax, There Is No Labour Meltdown
Jeremy Corbyn and Hard Left "Infiltration"
Some Advice for Andy and Yvette
Understanding Labour's Abstentions
Understanding Jeremy Corbyn's Support
Harriet Harman's Tax Credit Debacle
Labour Leadership Candidates on the Greek Referendum
West Midlands Labour Deputy Leader Hustings
West Midlands Labour Leadership Hustings
Why are the Right Endorsing Liz Kendall?
The Gnashing of Blairite Teeth
Liz Kendall and Trade Unions
What is Jeremy Corbyn Playing At?
Should Labour and the Liberal Democrats Merge?
The Labour Leadership Candidate's Speech I'm Waiting to Hear
Short Notes on Jeremy Corbyn
Dear Liz Kendall
If David Miliband Had Won ...
Notes on the Labour Leadership Contest
Why Labour Lost: A Scottish Perspective
Labour's SNP Lessons
On Centre Grounds and Aspirations
I'm Voting Labour, Because Reasons
Making Sense of the EdStone
Ed Miliband and Minority Government
Scottish Labour, Again
Of #Milifandom
On Weaponising Ed Miliband
Is Labour Doomed?
Would You Take a Donation from this Man?
In Conversation with Kevin Maguire
For a Labour Majority, Not a Labour/SNP Coalition
Tony Benn's Bandwagon
Is Ed Miliband the Next Margaret Thatcher?

Labour's Scottish Bloodbath ... And What Needs To Be Done About It
Weaponising Tony Blair
Ed Miliband and Cynicism
Neal Lawson and the "Wrong Voters"
Tony Bloody Blair, Again
Jim Murphy and Saving Scottish Labour
Notes on #CameronMustGo
Neil Findlay for Scottish Labour Leader
Emily Thornberry's Mistweet
What #webackEd Means
Plots and Rumours of Plots
Labour's Leadership Woes
It's the Sense of Security, Stupid
Lamenting Lamont
Recomposing Labour
Ed Miliband's Conference Speech
Why Clacton Matters for Labour
Why Won't Ed Balls Renationalise the Rail?
Ed Miliband and The Sun
Managing Ed Miliband
Labour's Poll Setback
Labour and David Axelrod
What Is Len McCluskey Trying to Achieve?
Labour's Significant Divide
Why Some Labour People Don't Like Blair
Labour, Social Security, and Triangulation
Labour and Coalition Talk
Will 2015 Be Labour's Poisoned Chalice?
Campaign for a Permanent Labour Majority
Labour and the Uses of Left Populism
Milibandism: Politics and Expediency
Ed Miliband's Reshuffle
On Ed Miliband's "Weakness"
Ed, Falkirk and the Westminster Bubble
Reconnecting Labour
Why Labour Doesn't Need Jim Messina
Labour and Rebuilding Social Security
For a Real Jobs Guarantee
Ed Miliband: Personality and Politics
A Note on Thatcherism and New Labour
A Goodbye to David Miliband
What Was Liam Byrne Playing At?
One Nation Needn't Be Taxing
Labour and the Eastleigh By-Election
Why Labour Must Oppose Benefit Cuts
One Nation and Europe
For Labour Police and Crime Commissioners

Liberal Democrats
After the Chesham and Amersham By-Election
The Rise of Ed Davey
After Jo Swinson
On the Liberal Democrat Manifesto
The Tragedy of Angela Smith
A Sociology of LibDem Snakery
Election Hokey-Cokey
Dear Jo Swinson
The Cynicism of Hard Remain
Veering to the Right
The Liberal Democrats' Worst Nightmare
Chuka Umunna and the Liberal Democrats
Remembering Paddy Ashdown
How the LibDems Can Rise Again
Can Vince Cable Become Prime Minister?
Is Another Tory/LibDem Deal Possible?
No Sign of the Liberal Democrat Revival
The Filthy LibDem Campaign in Stoke Central
Two Points about Two By-Elections
The Liberal Democrats Are Totally Stuffed
Should Labour and the Liberal Democrats Merge?
Remembering Charles Kennedy
Was there anything Liberal about the Tory/LibDem Coalition?

Liberal Democrats: Not Dead Yet
Detoxifying the Liberal Democrats
LibDem Leadership Crisis
Where Now for the Liberal Democrats
Rennard's Syndrome
The Coming LibDem/Tory War
Syria: Three Questions for Vince Cable

UKIP/Brexit Party
Nigel Farage's Surrender Act
Is Nigel Farage Labour's New Best Friend?
On the Brexit Party Protest
What Now for the Brexit Party?
Why Farage Snubbed Galloway
On Lefties for Farage
Introducing the Brexit Party
A Political Obituary
Should Labour Worry about UKIP?
UKIP's Fascist Future?
Does UKIP Have a Future?
Douglas Carswell and the Fall of UKIP
UKIP's Stoke Central Campaign
Lies, Damned Lies, and Paul Nuttall
Paul Nuttall in Stoke
Paul Nuttall and Working Class Voters
Suzanne Evans for UKIP Leader
UKIP after Steven Woolfe
The Woolfe was on the Floor
The Woolfe was at the Door
UKIP after Brexit
UKIP and the English Local Elections
Can UKIP Overcome the Doldrums?
Smoke Me a Kipper
Farage's Defeat-Courting Deal
Rumours of UKIP's Demise Are Very Much Exaggerated

UKIP and the Perils of Professionalism
Are UKIP "Profoundly Un-British"?
EU Support at 20 Year High
UKIP, Symbolism, and Image
How to Eradicate UKIP
Douglas Carswell's Defection: High Stakes
UKIP's General Election Prospects
Politics After Newark
Why the BBC Loves UKIP
Calling UKIP Racist Won't Stop Them
UKIP and English Nationalism
Why Farage Bottled Newark
UKIP, Politics, and Populism
UKIP's Turn to the Workers
Why UKIP Will Not Die
Immigration and Class Politics
UKIP's Catch-All Makeover
UKIP and Labour
Tories and UKIP After Eastleigh

The Green Threat to Labour
The Demise of Caroline Lucas
In Defence of Jim Jepps
Green Party Candidates at the 2015 UK General Election
Will Natalie Bennett's Train Wreck Derail the Greens?

Red Baiting and the Media
Notes on the Green Surge
How Labour Can See Off the Greens
Capitalism and Nature
Are the Greens Progressive?

Stoke Politics
Stoke Council's Conservative Coup d'etat
The Moral Turpitude of Cllr Ally Simcock
Stoke's Racist Lord Mayor
Stoke Labour's Council Budget Victory
Stoke Central Labour's Leadership Nomination Meeting
How the Tories Smashed Stoke Labour
On the Doors in Stoke-on-Trent South
Not Pulling the Trigger in Stoke Central
Why Labour Went Backward in Stoke
Stoke's Two Nation Toryism
John McDonnell in Stoke
Labour Democracy Roadshow in Stoke
Jeremy Corbyn Returns to Stoke
Tory Cynicism: A Stoke-on-Trent Case Study
Three Things Stoke Got Wrong with its City of Culture Bid
On Stoke-on-Trent's Homeless Tax
Back on the Doors in Stoke Central
Stoke to Exit the EU Early
Dear Undecided Stoke Central Voter
A Saturday in Stoke Central
At the Stoke Central Hustings
On the Doors in Stoke Central
On the Stoke Central By-Election Candidates
Inside Stoke Central's Selection Meeting
Thoughts on the Stoke Central Shortlist
Stoke-on-Trent Central Labour Shortlist
Stoke-on-Trent Central Labour Long List
Previewing the Stoke-on-Trent Central By-Election
A Political Guide to Stoke-on-Trent Central
Goodbye to Tristram
Remembering Lily Jayne Summers
Jeremy Corbyn in Stoke-on-Trent
Stoke Central CLP Nomination Meeting
Labour Wins in Silverdale
Stoke City Council Debt Hypocrisy
John van de Laarschot: A Political Obituary
A Case Study in Opportunism
Will Stoke City Council Stand Up for Working People?
Cllr Dave Conway's Signs of Idiocy
The Stupidity of Stoke's City Independents
Meet Deputy Council Leader Dave Conway
Stoke-on-Trent: Another Fine Mess
The Melanie Baddeley "Affair"
Stoke Politics After the Election
A Farewell to Paul Breeze

On the Stoke-on-Trent City Independents' 2015 Manifesto
Defending Labour's Local Government Panel
Stoke's Trip to the Chelsea Flower Show
Never a Dull Moment In Politics ...
Whatever Happened to Stoke BNP?
Andrew Lilley and the Stoke Labour "Conspiracy"
Stoke North: After Joan
Stoke Labour and Political Crisis
Why I Didn't Support the March on Stoke
A Farewell to Mick Williams
Regeneration Lessons from the Rustbelt

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