Wednesday, 8 August 2018

The State and Socialist Strategy

No time for a blog tonight, so here's my old mucker Ed Rooksby talking about different kinds of reformism, the experience of Chile and Syriza in Greece, and what role - if any - governmental power can play in the transition from a capitalist to a socialist society. It just so happens Ed is currently writing a book on this very topic as well.

The interview is from Alex Doherty at Politics Theory Other. Don't forget to follow the show on Twitter, check out the Patreon page and throw them a like of Facebook.


CCAAC said...

Interesting topic.

The committee contends that we are already in the transition period, away from capitalism, but currently government power, among many other things, is taking us toward neo feudalism (planned hierarchy) rather than socialism.

Socialism is impossible without a strong revolutionary working class that acts in and for itself. Currently this doesn’t exist in any material way. The committee regard pro imperialists and social chauvinists of all stripes to be partly responsible for this, along with Brexit and the rise of the far right.

Anonymous said...

We need to hold the 8th International. And I mean that seriously

Anonymous said...

The recommendations of the Report From Iron Mountain have all been implemented.