Friday 1 January 2021

Five Most Popular Posts in December

New year, new month. And so we begin by, um, looking back at what made the grade in December. The five most popular posts were ...

1. Priti Patel, the Tories, and the Death Penalty
2. If Remain Had Won
3. The Whys and Wherefores of Keith
4. Boris Johnson's Tier Four Fears
5. On the Corbyn Project

A nice mix of posts braved the December snows and managed the business. No surprises to see Priti Patel topping out, especially if readers had seen the year rankings, but the rumour she has commissioned civil servants to scope out a return of capital punishment certainly commanded the numbers. Chances are it's just a rumour, but has enough truthiness about it for some to take it seriously. Then we move into fantasyland territory where we imagine how politics might be without Brexit. And the answer is, had remain won, matters wouldn't be that much different. No 2017 general election, no Boris Johnson premiership, but politics just as divided. We then have a dalliance with Keithism and what it's all about. The politics of the government's tier four measures come in at number four, appropriately enough, and bringing up the rear is a meditation on the so-called Corbyn project - an initiative, I hope, that will become a community organising outfit. Face it, the Labour Party aren't going to do it.

Not a lot of people would be willing to give any element of 2020 a second chance, but we thumb our nose at common sense here. Two for you, then. We have the Tories and their sovereignty fetish. With loads of confusion about failing to make sense of why the Tories have behaved in a seemingly counterintuitive manner, understanding what sovereignty is for them is crucial for anyone wanting a handle on their strategies and where they're going to go in the immediate future. Second is a robust defence of the much maligned Postmodernism against the usual, lazy critiques levelled at the "tradition".

In all, a good month as far as the blog was concerned and the rebuilding of the audience following more Facebook algorithm changes continues apace. Help a wee wbesite out by telling your friends and comrades to tune in in 2021!

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