Wednesday 20 January 2021

Donald Trump's Last Speech

Begins at 39:15.

TR;DW: More lies and bullshit, no sympathy for the 400,000 dead, "vets are beautiful", and a pledge to return in "some form".

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BCFG said...

I was interested how the centrists went for Trumps tax returns, their news media were every day calling for an investigation into his tax returns. It became a giant centrist chorus, they formed a Trump tax return choir, and sang at the top their centrist voices, “Give us Trumps tax return!”

They sang this over and over again for no other reason than being rich, Trump must be corrupt n some level, especially regarding tax. So the centrist knew Trump would have dodgy tax records because every Billionaire in the US has dodgy tax records, because they know tjeir system is totally corrupt!

And now the centrists are in power they will disband the choir and stop talking about tax returns!

So the only time there was ever any real scrutiny on the rich paying taxes was when Trump was President.

Which means the centrists are working for a system they know to be thoroughly corrupt.

So from that point of view, let’s hope Trump does make a return, that way maybe the centrists will focus once again on systemic corruption!