Tuesday 1 December 2020

Five Most Popular Posts in November

Another month, another bumper month of politics nonsense and other stuff. But who, what did the business as far as the viewing public of this here blog were concerned? Let's have a look.

1. Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud
2. Losing Long-Time Labour Members
3. Why I've Left the Labour Party
4. What is the Great Reset?
5. Jeremy Corbyn's Ridiculous Suspension

The best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour, and the wisdom of this insight meant a plethora of Labour posts about Labour stuff would attract the numbers. The five-week long crisis instigated at Keir Starmer's behest by the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn rumbles on and on, causing unnecessary damage to the party and sparking off further rounds of bilious warfare. I'm sure you don't need me to say any more about this for the moment as the four posts in the top five on this very topic speak about it at length. Check them out if you haven't gone there yet! As for the odd one out, my quick survey of the ludicrous Great Reset conspiracy attracted a fair bit of attention. But, unfortunately, not quite as much as the "leftist" peddler of this poisonous, mind-numbing nonsense. Still, if one has to follow 46,000 people to amass an audience opportunities for making a name otherwise must be scant.

Which post should have done better last month? I'm afraid more critical Keir studies are in order. This piece on the Labour leader's strategy of keeping mum about the tens of thousands of dead people locates it at the heart of his political project. Keir Starmer isn't in parliament to represent the people, he's there to stick up for the state. Everything else, including his "effective opposition" of abstaining makes sense if you read his actions through this dreary, authoritarian frame.

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