Sunday 13 December 2020

Local Council By-Election Results 2020

Overall, 75,113 votes were cast over 37 local authority (tier one and tier two) contests. Obviously, for anyone reading this in the future most local election activity was cutailed by the Covid-19 pandemic. All percentages are rounded to the nearest single decimal place. For comparison see 2019's results here.

Party Cands Vote % Vs 2019 Vs 2018 Average Seats
Con      34
  33.8%     +1.1      -1.8
    747     -2
Lab      31
  22.4%      -4.9      -9.8     542     -2
LDem      26
  14.9%     - 3.9
Grn      25
   5.2%      -0.8
    +0.8     157
SNP*       7
   11,232   14.9%    +11.4    +12.4    1,605     -1
PC**       1
   0.3%      -0.4     +0.1     189    +1
Ind***      31
   8.1%     +1.3     +3.2     197      0
Oth****       5
   0.3%      -2.4      -1.2      39

* There were eight by-elections in Scotland
** There was one by-election in Wales
*** There were nine contests with Independent clashes
**** See the quarterly round ups for the results from smaller parties

2020 was certainly a year like no other, and the same was true on the by-election front. A handful of contests were cancelled in March but the scene was totally quiet for the most of the year following the first lockdown, with the exception of eight contests taking place in Scotland between October and November. Why they happened is anyone's guess, but at least they provided some cheer for local govt afficianados.

In all though, the results say very little. The first quarter under "normal" circumstances spoke of Tory success and the bitterness of Labour defeat, and the last quarter reflected the balance of forces in Scotland, albeit in seats Labour weren't about to do well in at the best of times.

This is your lot then for by-elections until next May which, I'm assured, is going to be a bumper affair. Not only can we look forward to Holyrood elections, Senedd elections, London elections, Mayoral elections, Police and Crime Commissioner elections, and postponed as well as scheduled council elections, there are currently 280 vacancies across 275 wards. Sadly, a number bound to grown as the pandemic exacts its grim toll. Whatever the number, yours truly will be on hand to tott the numbers up and stick them in a badly-drawn table for posterity.

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Blissex said...

As always, the polls and by-elections show how right was TONY BLAIR himself that with a centrist leadership and centrist programme New, New Labour would be 20 points ahead of the Conservatives.
Only by replacing Keir Starmer with a an even more thatcherite neocon centrist like Rishi Sunak could New, New Labour do even better.