Monday 7 December 2020

Schizoanalysis Versus Capitalism

Apologies for neglecting my bloggerly duties. Your humble scribe has scribbled away at a 5,000 word paper on Starmerism these last few evenings. Yes, I've become one of those boring academics moaning about doing their research in their free time. Until normal broadcasting resumes tomorrow, a jazzy interlude is thankfully available by way of the video below. Long-time readers know I have an interest in Deleuze and Guattari as digested and filtered by the politics of Italian post-Marxism, and watching this struck me as an excellent introductory - but don't read dumbed down - explainer useful for getting past their interesting vocabulary and style of argument. Thumbs up to Plastic Pills, as plugged yesterday, for this great activists' entrée. Give it a watch and if you like what you see, please support his work.

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