Sunday 6 December 2020

New Left Media December 2020

A cornucopia of new media projects to report on, you say? Colour me spoiled. These are the new efforts to have passed across my orbit around the internet this last month. Please visit to show your appreciation!

1.Claim the Future (Twitter) (YouTube channel)

2. FEMINIST GIANT (Twitter) (Newsletter/blog)

3.The Meteor (Twitter) (Manchester Independent Media Co-op)

4.No Holding Back (Twitter) (Podcast and multimedia)

5.Plastic Pills (Twitter) (Podcast and YouTube channel)

6.Ponderful (Twitter) (YouTube Channel)

7.Socialist Telly (Twitter) (Internet TV)

8.Truth Defence (Twitter) (Facebook) (Blog)

9.Twink Revolution (Twitter) (Facebook) (Multimedia)

If you know of any new(ish) blogs, podcasts, channels, Facebook pages or whatever that haven't featured before then drop me a line via the comments, email, Facebook, or Twitter. Please note I'm looking for new media to have started within the last 12 months or thereabouts. The round up appears hereabouts when there are enough new entrants to justify a post!

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