Sunday 1 March 2020

Five Most Popular Posts in February

Where on earth did the last month go? Here are the five posts that got most attention:

1. Caroline Flack and Social Murder
2. Dear Lisa Nandy
3. Why I'm Voting for Rebecca Long-Bailey
4. On Flouncing Labour MPs
5. Stoke Central Labour's Nomination Meeting

Not prizes for guessing the sad passing of Caroline Flack got the lion's share this month. If celebrities are placed into a media maelstrom that is demonstrably injurious to their mental health, why is this any different to dangerous workplaces or living conditions? It's not, hence why Engels's famous concept of social murder is applicable. The rest of the month was preoccupied mainly with Labour leadership goodies/fall out. Like many comrades, I've found Lisa Nandy's campaign by far the most annoying because she cannot stop lying. Either that or she hasn't read Labour's 2019 manifesto. Which is it to be? Snapping at that post's heels comes my case for voting Rebecca Long-Bailey. Next up comes a sideswipe at Labour MPs who've been anonymously briefing the press about leaving the party should RLB win. Mark my words, if she doesn't they will cause the leader - in all likelihood Keir Starmer - not a few headaches. And last of all is my account of our leadership/deputy/NEC nomination meeting.

What slides into the second chance saloon this time? There's the trilogy of guest posts about the Labour leadership by Susan Press, Naomi Waltham-Smith, and Andy Newman. Many thanks to these comrades for their contributions. And then there was this one on the long term legacy the aristocracy has had on the labour movement.

What of next month? We have Coronavirus, the floods, a government falling apart, the start of EU negotiations, and the not-at-all fortuitously timed announcement Boris Johnson has yet another child on the way. Like me, I'm sure your heart is singing with joy.

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