Thursday 20 February 2020

Tiesto, Mabel - God is a Dancer

You either like the Tiesto of old with his slew of early trance classics, or the Tiesto of the last decade who went and did loads of mainstream EDM. Rare are those who pay his two periods equal mind. I certainly wasn't one of them, not because he was a sell out or some such nonsense but simply because I didn't think his newer stuff was up to much. But now I'm happy to take that back. If last year's top ten of 2019 wasn't cancelled by the best of the 2010s, Tiesto's collab with Mabel would have made it. In lieu of blogging tonight, crank this up instead.


James Semple said...

I have no comment on Tiesto: this is a leak from the following guest post which unaccountably has no direct channel for feedback.

Associate professor Waltham-Smith is interested in the interface between music and philosophy and uses words such as "imbricated" in her Warwick profile. Does this reduce the status of her remarks - after all, I myself used to teach paint technology at a poly and do not hesitate to post comments to your blog.

The difference, I suggest, relates to her introduction: she identifies as a lecturer and uses an academic title - so invoking these as lending significance to her remarks.

Not so. Choosing RLB as leader has nothing to do with music or philosophy - nor,indeed, with paint technology, but then I never implied that it did.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about Tiesto, but I agree with the blogger - this song sounds like a cut above the average pop offering. Once you've heard it a few times, if you happen to turn the radio on when this song is playing, you would *know* if you were hearing the beginning, the middle or the end!

To Tiesto - please, more like this!