Tuesday 4 February 2020

Rebecca Long-Bailey on Novara Media

This site's favourite Labour leadership candidate sat down with Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani this evening to talk about her pitch to party members. In all, a great long form interview that allowed RLB to develop her points and have a serious conversation about politics. If only mainstream political coverage was more concerned with elucidating issues instead of hammering them down into gotchas. It's well worth watching and, though doubtful, all the other candidates should do this as well.


Alan Story said...

At 48:36 in this video, RLB is so last year, so 1884 when it comes to proportional representation.

Her wing of Labour should listen to Keir ( Hardie that is):


Or Clive Lewis:


As Lewis said last night: For Labour “ it is time to dare – or…..it will be time to die.”

John said...

Any chance of a post evaluating the candidates for deputy-leader? I'd be interested to know your opinion.