Friday 17 January 2020

Rebecca Long-Bailey Leadership Launch Speech

Here you go.

The full speech with Q&A afterwards is on the blog's Facebook page here.

In all, I thought RLB's speech was excellent. She came over as funny, fluent, possesses an ability to think on her feet, and with a strong political message.If you're unsure who to back in the Labour leadership contest, this is well worth your time.


Sam said...

I've just seen that she wants to replace the HoL with an elected senate, do you have an opinion on that? I'm not sure why we shouldn't just abolish it and have a unicameral system. Is an elected bicameral legislature actually any use?

Lidl_Janus said...

Previously, Momentum backed a leader who first appeared on the national stage with a huge surge of popularity, which curdled into a toxic unpopularity over the years until he cost his party 50-odd seats at a general election.

Now, they've backed an overtly religious candidate who may have a favourable voting record but rhetorically is somewhat wobbly on abortion.

Presumably their next endorsement will be for a candidate who lost their seat, regains it, becomes waaaaaaaay too convinced they'll be Prime Minister, runs a misguided presidential campaign, and loses their seat again.

Anonymous said...

Yes I have an issue regarding the issue of her stance on abortion. A women's rights issue and a significant one at that.