Monday 20 January 2020

How Immigrants Became Scapegoats

Since the EU referendum we've seen how anti-racism is being rolled back, and how in their manifesto the Tories are planning on singling out one minority - Travellers - for the scapegoating treatment. In her interview with Alex of Politics Theory Other fame, Maya Goodfellow talks about state racism and the cruelty of the UK's immigration system, and how the Tories' hostile environment built on as opposed to breaking with New Labour's border policy.

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Dipper said...

is it your case that anyone should be able to live anywhere? And when they live wherever they wish to live they should have immediate full entitlement to all state benefits? Because if it is then why don't you say so, and if it isn't then please inform us of how in a non-bureaucratic non discriminatory way you are going to implement an immigration policy? Or will this be a Dianne Abbott style immigration policy thing that will never expel anyone found to be here in contravention of their 'policy'?

Anonymous said...

Do the Board of Deputies have an opinion on this?