Sunday 11 August 2019

New Left Blogs August 2019

Is there something in the water? After a barren few months with scanty numbers of new starts, eight whole new(ish) blogs, pod casts and Facebook groups grabbed some attention since our last outing. Put the ado away and check these sites out.

1. 12 Rules for WHAT (Twitter)

2. Breaking Binaries (Twitter)

3. Gammon Magazine (Twitter)

4. John McInally Blog

5. Life in the Left Lane (Twitter)

6. Mandatory Redistribution Party (Twitter)

7. Socialist Alternative

8. Utopian Drivel (Twitter)

If you know of any new(ish) blogs and podcasts that haven't featured before then drop me a line via the comments, email, Facebook, or Twitter. Please note I'm looking for blogs etc. that have started within the last 12 months or thereabouts. The new blog round up appears when there are enough new blogs to justify a post!

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Conor said...

And as part of this new golden age there's our regular news updates from Ireland: