Thursday 1 August 2019

Five Most Popular Posts in July

Time to take stock as we pass the threshold into August. What exercised your fancies in July?

1. Against the New Corbyn Coup
2. The BBC's Anti-Corbyn Hit Job
3. Woe Jeremy Corbyn?
4. Facing Up to the CHUK Up
5. The Next Tory General Election Campaign

We may have a new Prime Minister trucking toward the worst peace time foreign and economic policy disaster since the 1930s, but as far as the usual suspects are concerned the real enemy, as always, is Jeremy Corbyn. And so another month has gone by with more time wasting, more letting the Tories off the hook, and more egregious acts of scabbing. We saw more manoeuvring from the Tom Watson, who can look forward to an entirely negative entry in the 21st century's book of labour movement notables. Then there was the hack attack on Labour anti-semitism, a real shoddy effort that would have made the News of the World blush, if this damned and unlamented comic was still with us. There was also some trolling about the efficacy of Corbyn's leadership. I'm into nostalgia as much as the next generation X reprobate, but guys - revisiting the attacks from January-April 2017 is too early. Come up with some new tunes.

Peeling off from the Corbyn material, one of Change UK's fragments considered its failure. Though even in this Gavin Shuker, for it was he, failed. And last of all I borrowed Mystic Meg's astrology chart to divine the course of the next general election campaign and counselled we should look at how the right unexpectedly won in Australia for some pointers. A week into Johnson's reign and some of this can already be discerned.

Which post should receive the second chance treatment? Thanks to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landings, why not stay in the spirit of things and ponder what the current race to the Moon says about the relationship between capitalism and the state.

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