Friday 1 November 2019

Five Most Popular Posts in October

Brexit didn't happen, but a general election kicked off. What were the five most read posts on this here site during the last month?

1. The Genius of Dominic Cummings
2. Dear Jo Swinson

3. What is John McDonnell Playing At?
4. The Tory Party's Young People Problem
5. Boris Johnson's "New" Brexit Plan

Ah, that's what I like to see. Analysis and take downs of Labour's opponents leading the pack over and above introspective Labour pieces. Jolly good show. A quick look at Cummings's dismal talents gets the top billing, and it's pretty obvious the esteem to which he is held says more about the hacks who fete him then anything else. Then a wee open letter to twisty, shifty Jo Swinson charges into the second slot. Not the only time these last couple of months she's been a number two. John McDonnell's adventures into placating the Labour right have hit number three, followed by the happy difficulties the Tories are having with younger people - basically anyone under the age of 50 - making its way to four. And last of all, a few ruminations on Johnson's Brexit deal bring up the rear. Remember, if you want to see the back end of his deal and Brexit more generally, only a Labour vote will do. Yes, even where your Labour candidate/sitting MP is completely useless.

Well, we know what's going to happen over this next month. There's going to be highs and lows, moments of hope and flashes of despair. And your trusty chronicler plans on chronicling it all, if I'm not struck down while out on the doorstep. That also means contemplative posts probably won't make an appearance, so chancing its arm in the saloon for second goes is this meditation on Althusser and his contribution to Marxist thinking.

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Tasker Dunham said...

The Torys are having problems with lots of my contemporaries too, and I'm 70.