Sunday 1 September 2019

(Pro)rogue Nation

Why write about the government's shenanigans and anti-democratic moves when you can have James Meadway talk about it for you? In the latest installment of Politics Theory Other, James speaks to Alex about the proroguing of parliament and the other gambits the government have up their sleeves to get their (no deal) Brexit done. Certainly a timely episode what with the weekend's protests, and Michael Gove's indication that Johnson will ignore legislation passed in the Commons.

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Unity of the oppressed, not the imperialist core said...

I think Boris does want a deal, I probably believe he is still a remainer. The problem for the Tories is they are stuck between what they want and what their disgusting Daily Mail reading base want, which is a whites only Britain, sorry, I meant to say, they want their country back and free themselves from Brussels oppressive yoke.

I agree that Boris is not sending any signals to the EU here, he is sending signals to the domestic audience, in fact most of what passes for sending signals to the EU is in fact sending signals to the domestic audience.

The Tories brought this entire shitstorm upon us, the only real short term winners here are the far right and the liberal democrats. I actually think the latter upsets me more!

Though more depressing is that certain sections of the left (you know the usual pro imperialist brigade) remain totally unmoved when 100k plus die from austerity (making the Tories the biggest terror threat in the UK), millions rely on foodbanks, homeless people litter the streets, the UN decries the poverty in the UK and we commit war crime after war crime across the globe, yet Brexit gets them all riled up beyond any reasonable proportion. A sad indictment of those sections of the left.