Monday 1 October 2018

Five Most Popular Posts in September

30 days. 22 posts. Which proved to be the most popular among the internet-travelling public who alighted upon this place?

1. Can Blairism Win Back the Labour Party?
2. The Lady With the Red Hair
3. Smearing Michael Foot
4. Our Decadent Tory Elite
5. No Second Referendum

Blairism. Our scurrilous media. Secret service shenanigans. Imploding Tories. Remainiac fantasies. Yup, another very political month full of awfulness, crisis and conflict. And as the Brexit shit starts hitting the fan this October, you can bet it's only going to get worse. At least one hopes it will be the Tories feeling the pain instead of more blue-on-blue action from red-on-red.

Generosity is a good quality to have, and so in that spirit two posts are hanging out in the second chance saloon. They are our adventure with Engels and last night's offering looking at the political ontology of Corbynism and the unions. Why not check them out?

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