Sunday, 7 October 2018

Support Politics Theory Other

New left media consistently offers a higher standard of analysis and better arguments than you can expect from the mainstream. But it is expensive. Good comment costs good money. My favourite podcast is Politics Theory Other by Alex Doherty. Not only does his Twitter feed require a quick bump to push him over a thousand followers, his work needs financial support.

Since setting up shop in April Alex has explored hot button topics with a number of left activists and thinkers. These include Adam Tooze on the economic crash, Sophie Lewis on TERFism, Jeremy Gilbert on Lazarrato and immaterial labour, and Wendy Liu on Silicon Valley. He's even had some Phil BC bloke on talking about the Tories. Politics Theory Other has proven to be essential listening because of the way complex issues are discussed and broken down. It certainly contributes toward clearing the theory gap we have on the left.

However, to carry on Politics Theory Other needs putting on sounder financial footing. At the moment it's all done in Alex's spare time. With a liveable income from the podcast more can be done and his valuable work will continue into the future. The patron total isn't far off goal, so please become one here for as little as a quid a month on Patreon, as well as support Politics Theory Other via the usual social media.

Giving Politics Theory Other your money is certainly a better bet than dabbling in what you can find described below.


Howard Fuller said...

I was more interested to listen to Sophie Lewis on the question of "TERFism", the title of which gave me an inkling of where this was going. I found her reference to non radical feminists as "muscular somewhat ironic given her position of what she calls trans-women.

Having started following and taking part in this debate if anyone is "muscular" it is the trans-activists (or at least the vocal, over militant types) that better fit this descriptor. Because of them it has become almost impossible to have a wide ranging debate on the conflict of interests that do exist between women/girls and Trans-men.

Now I know my use of that term will raise hackles in some but having seen figures that show around 80% of trans-men have had no surgery or mostly do not intend to I find that the women do have a case.

The whole problem has frankly arisen as a result of the proliferation of gender types promoted by activists. I mean "allies". Meaningless. It is not a definition of gender orientation in any shape or form. As for "gender fluid" it seems to me to an entirely self indulgent proposition. Many trans-men seem to want the best of both worlds frankly without the responsibility it entails.

To ask questions, to be critical of trans-demands does not make one (or me) a transphobe. How people want to live is up to them, but there are limitations when these rights infringe on those of others.

I do not accept "self-identification" is enough and I am far from alone in holding this view. But I will not be censored.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but you're a horrific centrist melt ;)

Johny Conspiranoid. said...

Perhaps the "Trans-" argument is a psy-op designed to waste your time and enegy.

Tmb said...

The whole of identity politics is distraction from what truly needs attention. Growing economic divisions, political and economic stagnation for millions of people, the end of social mobility, pantomime politics for the most part, imposed austerity on the already economically suffering, the wealthy getting exponentially richer and the middle class getting the cream of the good jobs in the media, politics, charity, arts and most everything else. This has been achieved by the political establishment as a whole, aided by the mainstream media, actively disenfranchising working class people economically and politically for the last 35 years.

Very cosy if you're in the top 20% or so, not so good if you are not. We are talking about a moral issue more and more. That we have rising homelessness amongst individuals and families, casual labour, tax evasion amongst the rich and corporations, fake left liberalism (which is really centre right) passing for left politics, in a country that is supposed to be a democracy is a massive joke. There is socialism, there is plentiful welfare and there is democracy, but it is partial and for the likes of the rich and those middle class who have sold out big time. That is the problem. Most people are probably fed up with a system that is rigged against, and the fake left liberals adding insult to injury.

When social mobility is denied to ordinary people, the social contract is broken. There is enough money to go around, but it is being hogged by an increasingly greedy elite. The end of neoliberal economics is in sight. And regular people on the left and right are beginning to see through it. A healthy economy is one that works for all, not a privileged elite.