Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Doing Media: Party Futures on Radio 4

Stone the crows, I've gone and "done some media". I'm talking about proper media too, not a two minute slot talking about Great British Problems on local radio or getting name checked in Cosmo. Here's the blurb:
Is now the point when the structure of the UK's party politics could fundamentally change?

The repercussions of the EU Referendum result are shaking British party politics. Labour faces a bitter internal crisis, with some talking about possible splits. The Conservatives wonder whether they have put to rest the perennial battles in their party over Europe. UKIP has the challenge of what to do under a new leader with the voters it has mobilised. The LibDems hope they have been given the opportunity to revive which they desperately seek.

All this is against the background of how Brexit will occur and at what pace, where Remain voters will now go for political leadership, whether there will be a second independence referendum in Scotland, and how political alienation will affect all conventional politics.

It is a time of turmoil, uncertainty and awe at the recent pace of events - but are these the conditions that will lead to a fundamental change in the configuration of the British party system? Will historians look back on this time as the pivot point when everything shifted in our party politics?

Isabel Hardman chairs this discussion about where the future of the UK's party politics is heading, which features Tim Montgomerie, Miranda Green, Prof. Tim Bale, James Morris and Dr Phil Burton-Cartledge.
I have no idea who that last bloke in the list is.

Unfortunately, our friends at the BBC don't allow for the embedding of recordings in third party sites, so you're going to have to have a listen of the Party Futures programme here.

Hanging out with the great and the good was a very interesting experience, and I am pleased that Gary Connor, the show's producer, was kind enough to give me a generous edit. No umming and aaahing, but arrgh, I know, Podemos is a Spanish political phenomenon, not a Greek one ... Rookie error.

Anyway, enjoy while you can. And be warned, I might be coming to another wireless near you in future.


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