Thursday 4 June 2020

America in Flames

Sometimes, other people simply say it better. What the world doesn't need right now is a white bloke miles away from the action offering their take on all and sundry, and doubly so on the American rebellion against police violence and structural racism. We should be hearing from black people. It's their experiences that need centring. It is they who deserve, need to be listened to.

In this episode of TyskySour, the Novara team interviews Nelini Stamp, an activist with the Working Families Party in New York about the police, racism, and why protest has exploded right across the the country. Well worth watching.


Alan Story said...

Now this is what I call a speech!

Anonymous said...

The good news is that social distancing is, like, so over.

The people vandalising London en masse over the last few days were all outraged by Dominic Cummings just a few days before.

Still, the left have a new strategy, smash cities up AND spread coronavirus, then blame the government, who heaven knows have got enough things wrong unaided. Most of what they got wrong (esp not getting PPE to care homes, because they needed it all for hospitals/GP clinics) is the result of outsourcing all our manufacturing over the last few decades, so we look to the skies like Pacific cargo-cultists, waiting for the Great White Bird from across the seas to arrive with consignments of useless Turkish surgical gowns.

Anonymous said...

"It is they who deserve, need to be listened to."

I can't remember you saying this when that other branch of the US armed thuggish state, the army, were torturing and killing Iraqis or Syrians?

Incidentally the Israeli's killed an unarmed disabled man a week ago, maybe you can ask those who need to be listened to where was the outrage over that?

By the way, your party would call us anti semitic for even raising it!

Is any of what happened even a shock, it just seems like another day in the Great Satan to me? Its the same when someone goes on a gun spree, there is all this indignation and then everything goes back to normal.