Monday 4 March 2019

Remembering Keith Flint

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1729torus said...

Irish Times: Paul Murphy uses Trotsky to explain how Socialists can compete with ‘sectarian’ Sinn Fein

Paul Murphy is a Trotskyite Irish politician.

I would be grateful if you put up a blogpost explaining this article, I can't understand what Mr Murphy is advocating.

Accusing SF of being sectarian is weak, especially in the south where plenty of working class and poor rural Protestants vote SF.

In Northern Ireland, this accusation would have more bite because NI's working class is divided by sectarianism - to the detriment of both Catholic
and Protestants.

There were undeniably a dodgy or even murderous incidents involving SF and the IRA around Newry, the Kingsmill Massacre being the most infamous. It should be borne in mind that Newry was always a bastion of anti-Protestant sectarianism since the founding of NI.

Even in NI SF, has far less sectarian baggage that it had before, and it never had that much to start with, especially when you bear in mind that it was a hardline nationalist paramilitary organisation grounded amongst the Catholic community during the Troubles.

I'm a Protestant, and I've never picked up sectarian vibes from any of SF's NI senior members except for Conor Murphy, who happens to be based in Newry.

I can't see how accusations of sectarianism will do any good if you're trying to take seats off SF in Dublin.

Thanks in advance!