Thursday 3 January 2019

Trash Talking the Tories

Back in September, yours truly was privileged enough to speak at the Derby Transformed event. This is the audio of the rally at the end featuring Chris Williamson, Derby City Labour Group leader Lisa Eldret, Lauren Mitchell, a Labour councillor in Hucknall in Ashfield, Paul Mason and, um, me. Please find below the recording - I start sounding off at 44.50. Also, keep an eye out for further recordings from the day on Derby Social Club's Soundcloud page.


Jim Denham said...

Principled leftists should not be sharing a platform with the ultra-dodgy Chris Williamson - or if they do, they should use the opportunity to denounce him for his support for pro-Assad conspiracy theorists and antisemites (eg Vanessa Beeley, Gilad Atzmon).

Johny Conspiranoid. said...

I like Gilad Atzmon.

Dipper said...

I'm not even going to listen to these sorry has-beens.

2019 is going to be a great year to be a Tory. The collapse in May's authority means the potential future leaders are now going rogue and doing their own things; The Sajid is leading from the front in a tight but humane immigration policy, now Hancock has a 10-year vision for the NHS, and Amber Rudd is pausing UC. We are going to see a wave of imaginative policies addressing real issues as leadership candidates look to stamp their brand of conservatism on their departments. Brexit is going to be taken over by the HoC so if it works well The Tories did it and if it fails the HoC prevented The tories from doing it properly. Meanwhile Labour are going nowhere due to the unresolvable internal tensions in the PLP.