Sunday 1 April 2018

Five Most Popular Posts in March

What were the most read posts in the month of March? It be these:

1. A Terrible Stalinist Purge
2. Corbynism and Anti-Semitism
3. 10 Points on Russia and British Politics
4. The Tories and Betrayal
5. Boris Johnson and Russia

Given the obsession the media has had with the Labour Party this week, you could be forgiven for thinking there were no other news items hitting the agenda. And yet, objectively speaking, it was a tough one for the government saved only by the fog of war the press and, yes, the BBC threw over proceedings. The attempted murder of the Skripals saw Corbyn cast a spotlight over the gilded links uniting the Tories and Russia money, be it from pro and anti-Putin oligarchs. Then the Observer/C4 News splash on Cambridge Analytica went ahead and exposed the way right wing parties, for they were almost exclusively the clientele of this firm, manipulate social media to swing elections. Unsurprisingly there are relationships here between them and the Tories as well.

However, it was the Labour new stories that dominated this blog: the interminable struggles with anti-semitism, and the sacking of Owen Smith. There worth your time so read them if you haven't already.

Two that have fallen through the cracks. Hmmm. My picks are my reply to Matt Bolton's superficial but popular, among the establishment commentariat at least, take on Corbynism, and what I'm up to on matters research.

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