Wednesday 4 April 2018

Against Anti-Semitism, for Jeremy Corbyn

A statement put out by Red Labour from yesterday, and a model motion for Constituency Labour Parties on the the struggle against anti-semitism and reaffirming support for Jeremy Corbyn.

As Red Labour we are very serious in our commitment to eliminate antisemitism and all forms of racism from our society - highlighted again today by the disgusting "Punish a Muslim Day" being shared on social media.

We are equally serious about our commitment to organising and campaigning for a Labour victory in a forthcoming General Election, so that the lifelong anti-racist Jeremy Corbyn can become our Prime Minister and implement a democratic socialist manifesto that is so desperately needed by so many across our country.

These two commitments are intrinsically interconnected.

The sight of Labour MP's sharing articles from extreme right-wing blogger Guido Fawkes - someone with a track record in propagating racism - combined with an attempt to divide the Jewish community into "good" and "bad" Jews, is deeply offensive, and not a little antisemitic itself, as anyone with an understanding of Jewish history could tell you.

We would love to believe the Labour MP's concerned did so with the aim of combating antisemitism. We would strongly suggest to them that their Twitter posts in the last 24 hours have done that aim great harm, and have done nothing to promote an understanding of a diverse and pluralist Jewish community.

We say to them - accept your mistakes, and your use of the antisemitic trope of "good" and "bad" Jews - remove your tweets, and apologize.

Below is a motion for your CLPs that RL supports:

"This CLP notes the recent media furore surrounding accusations of antisemitism in the Labour Party.

Lies and misinformation are the stuff of life to the Tory party and have to be expected. It is with deep regret that this CLP notes the actions of a small but vocal minority of Labour Party MPs, and their role in feeding this right-wing attack on our leader and Party in the middle of the local election campaign. We call upon them to desist immediately.

This CLP also notes that antisemitism is a real problem in our society, and like all other forms of racism, must be combated unrelentingly – including through a determined programme of widespread political education. One of the unique dangers of modern forms of antisemitism is the way it sometimes masquerades as "progressive" politics, something we recognise.

This CLP affirms its support for Jeremy Corbyn, and welcomes both his and new General Secretary Jennie Formby's statements that the Chakrabarti report into disciplinary processes will be implemented, in full, as a priority – such processes must follow the principles of natural justice and be completed within a timely manner.

This CLP also welcomes the announcement of antisemitism awareness training for Party members, for without the political tools to challenge racism in our communities, the fight is much harder.

This CLP mandates the CLP Secretary to write to the Leader’s office to express our support and solidarity for Jeremy Corbyn, and to pledge ourselves to his side in the fight against intolerance in whatever shape it may take."


Unknown said...

Here is a better motion put forward by a qualified activist in fighting anti-Semitism. I think it is more likely to gain broader support from all factions in the Labour party

Anonymous said...

Spedding's motion could do with some editing being too long but it's robust, correctly recognises the extent of the problem and our failure in properly confronting it, as well as placing responsibility on all in the party to understand the issues far better and for those charged to deal with it to do so without undue delay.
it's high time we got serious about this racism and drive it out of the party.


cjcjc said...

You guys haven't quite grasped the point that any and all motions (on whatever topic) must contain a ritual affirmation of support for the Dear Leader.

Trevor Learoyd said...

"are to be expected" rather than "have to be expected" I think, otherwise it seems perfect.

asquith said...

I condemn antisemitism, this is my official statement.