Sunday 29 April 2018

The 2018 Eurovision Preview

I love meself some Eurovision, so it's just as well the Eurovision Song Contest is but around the corner! Saturday 12th May is when our beloved supranational institution touches down in Lisbon for the annual festival of superlative music! Who are the runners and riders this year? Is the UK going to be spared ritual humiliation? Well, let's begin there.

This got the BC household vote in our song for Europe contest on account of SuRie's superb live performance. On stage she makes it come alive as a proper belter, so why the powers that be have toned it down for the video is a complete mystery. As for its chances, Storm is probably mid-table. While good in that Eurovision kinda way, the competition are too strong for it this year. For yes, that's right, 2018's contest has a monster. Of which more shortly.

Sweden are always good for a punt, and this is what they've entered this year:

Yes, it's an Ingrosso but not that Ingrosso. Still, in any other year this would be in with a serious chance. Redolent of Timberlake, Dance You Off captures the same head space - while being totally different to - Eurovision favourite/fixture Måns Zelmerlöw. 2.5m page views is surely indicative of good things?

Well, better than that in my opinion is this operatic treat from across the Baltic:

In the future everyone's clothes will be able to put on light shows like this. Certainly the most amazing vocal performance to have graced the contest since Cezar's 2013 classic, Elina Nechayeva's perfect voice could cut glass if she was so minded. Just don't check out the dance remix - it's rubbish.

What else do we see? Unfortunately, Alexander Ryback is, um, back with That's How You Write a Song. A bit presumptuous there methinks. Italy enter this year's obligatory war-is-bad song, Russia have phoned in a yawnsome but competent power ballad, Croatia are featuring Goths in a sand pit, and Romania and Denmark have popped down the time tunnel to carry back some 90s guitar riffs.

Alright, no more beating about the bush. Bulgaria's entry has three million views and Spain's on over five million. It's going to be between them, right? Wrong. Here's your runaway winner with 16 million views. If you're into betting, this is the one to stick the house on.

What the hell was that? Just amazing is what it is. Girl power meets chickens(!) with a hint of Eastern, Israel's Netta is the most striking Eurovision entry since Conchita Wurst took to the stage. I'm not joking. Considering Toy is her debut single, the performance is incredibly self-assured and charismatic. In short, she's going to walk it. Nothing this year can top it for originality and energy. In short, this is an instant classic and one sure to be talked about for years.

Eurovision might be a foregone conclusion this year, but it's going to be fantastic as always. See you for the live tweeting on the 12th.


Andrew said...

To be fair, Phil, I stopped by to see if you'd done owt on Rudd/May/feckless Tory scum yet but have been distracted by this. I've a horrible feeling your boundless enthusiasm will inspire me to tune into the Euro train wreck again this year.

Anonymous said...

If Israel is in Europe, does that mean Syria is also in Europe? After all they are nearer to Europe than Israel is, and have a long border with Turkey which has been in Europe (for Eurovision purposes) for many years now, though not in the EU I'm glad to say.

Or is this one the increasingly many things that Labour Party members are no longer allowed to say?

Phil said...

There's this invention called Google. You can use it to find out why Israel and, sometimes, Turkey are in Eurovision and other middle eastern countries are not.