Friday 1 September 2017

Five Most Popular Posts in August

The five most read last month were ...

1. On Labour's "Sexist" Industrial Strategy
2. Five Reasons Why a New Centre Party is a Stupid Idea
3. The Stupidity of Jeremy Hunt
4. Rallies Work
5. Silly Season Factionalism

It's been another bracing month on the blog with 194,622 page views to shout about, a new all-time record! It would have been more too if the annual August slump had stayed away this year. And so the 200k ceiling is still there glowering above me, asking for a hole to be punched right through it. Next month perhaps?

A mix of politics did the business this month. For some reason people like to read stuff about how stupid Jeremy Hunt is, and dissections of the vainglory of Jess Phillips. This puzzles me. Everyone knows this anyway, so why would people be attracted to reading stuff they're already familiar with? Answers in a comments box, please. Also bubbling under but not quite doing the business as well as the leading posts were some that made my head hurt writing them as I'm sure it did reading them. I'm giving them another outing here, so please take a look at Beyond Class and Identity Politics, Class Struggle and the Common, and Fascism and Economic Anxiety if you haven't already. There's probably going to be more of this ilk in future.

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