Saturday 30 December 2023

The Most Read 20 of 2023

Having provided the year's overview, what has 2023 looked like in blog posts? I wish I could say all of human life is here, but according to the internet travelling public that pertaining to the Labour Party matters the most. Over half are directly related to the doings of Keir Starmer and crew. If that's your jam, this blog has the jars. Considering the Conservatives are my specialist subject only one post made this most esteemed of lists. The Greens, UFOs, and Russell Brand filled in the rest. But I am pleased a meditation on Antonio Negri's book, From the Factory to the Metropolis came out top. Especially considering he passed away shortly before Christmas.

Here then are the 20 that attracted the plenty.

1. The Class Struggle Vs Cognitive Capitalism
2. The Prospects of a Corbyn-Led Left Party
3. Why Do the Millennials Hate the Tories?
4. Exposing Russell Brand
5. Keir Starmer's Divided Base
6. Nick Cohen and Media Solidarity
7. UFO Disinformation as Social Control
8. Labour's Racist Attack Ad
9. Cultivating Labour's Scapegoats
10. Writing About Keir Starmer
11. BBC Framing and Distortion: A Case Study
12. A Bureaucrat First and Foremost
13. Untangling Reevenomics
14. Politics After the Local Elections
15. Never Apologise, Never Explain
16. And Then They Came for the Soft Left
17. Does Greatness Await the Greens?
18. Can the Labour Left Make a Comeback?
19. Strong on the Weak
20. The Repeated Surrender to Tory Framing

A surprising number read the monthly round up of the most popular posts. If you're one of those, you'll know I regularly plug missives that didn't catch the audiences but are worthy of a wider readership. Here are a dozen pieces, one from each month, that fall into this category. Read them, share them with your friends, and read them some more!

January: Can the Tories Make a 1992-Style Comeback?
February: Sybil, or, The Two Nations
March: The Economics of a Depleted State
April: Labour's Hierarchy of Racism
May: Patients and Profits
June: Hegel's Political Uses
July: Tony Blair Vs the NHS
August: Tronti's Defeatism
September: Habermas's Legitimation Crisis Today
October: Rachel Reeves's Plagiarism Scandal
November: On Tory Briefcases
December: Pondering Science Fiction

Last thing to note before the curtain falls on 2023. Regardless of what this blog ends up doing, it will always remain free to read. But if you do enjoy what appears here and you are fortunate to have quids to spare there are worse ways of disposing disposal cash than supporting this corner of the internet. If you can't or won't, that's fine. Cop us a follow and a like on Twitter or Facebook instead!

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