Friday 1 December 2023

Five Most Popular Posts in November

November is done! So here is the customary round up of the posts that attracted the numbers.

1. The Demise of Rosie Duffield
2. A Curious Case of Reluctant Authoritarianism
3. After Braverman's Bovver Boys
4. How Damaged is Keir Starmer?
5. Suella Braverman's Feeble Revenge

I suspected writing about Labour's best known transphobe would be a red rag to passing internet traffic, and so it proved. Rosie Duffield's actions have brought the party into disrepute many times, but so far her right wing politics and palling around with the bottom feeders of Britain's opinion columnists has protected her. But for how long? Does the investigation into her behaviour suggest Starmer's office have lost patience with her provocations? Coming in second was a quick consideration of the row surrounding Suella Braverman's efforts to ban Palestinian solidarity marches, while November's third-placed offering looks at the immediate aftermath of her exhorting into existence a far right mob that, predictably, descended into violence. In fourth was a look at whether Starmer sustained damage after the biggest front and back bench rebellion of his leadership over a ceasefire in Gaza. The resumption of the attacks following a "humanitarian pause" demonstrates the inadequacy and bankruptcy of their position. And lastly, following her overdue defenestration, we reviewed what was billed Braverman's blistering revenge on her former boss and found it all rather feeble, truth be told.

Thinking about which post deserves a second chance to shine, I've gone for this one on Dave's return to front line politics. What it doesn't consider is the change in tone his appointment has meant for foreign policy on Israel and Palestine, which is a point explored in Peter Oborne's latest on his strange resurrection of Tory Arabism. Worth a read.

Now we're into the Christmas month, past behaviour indicates a greater crop of posts incoming. I still want to write about the Greens' four-for-24 strategy, I've got something bubbling under on Socialist Appeal's "communist turn", and a few other things too. As ever, if you haven't already don't forget to follow the free newsletter, and if you like what I do (and you're not skint), you can help support the blog. Following me on Twitter and Facebook are cost-free ways of showing your backing for this corner of the internet.

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