Sunday 31 December 2023

Top Ten Dance Songs 2023

The final post of the year is here, and have I got some choice cuts for you. This year I've eschewed the Mixmag-stylee commentary accompanying each song because, tbh, places to go and people to see. Instead, here's the no-frills count down from ten to two.

10.Stay Awake by Ferry Corsten feat. Diandra Faye
9.Take It Off by Fisher x Aatig
8.Circle of Light by Because of Art feat. Antony Szmierek
7.Clouds by BUNT., Nate Traveller
6.Mantra by Alex Sonata and TheRio
5. Voodoo by Gorgon City
4. Shades of Love by The Blessed Madonna feat. The Joy
3. Warehouse Requiem by Orkidea
2. Drifting by Tiƫsto

On last year's list, I lamented that yours truly's genre of choice - trance - was stuck in a deeply unoriginal groove and was looking to the past for inspiration. In practice, this meant a plethora of dull remixes of the classics and naff facsimiles. Those that did not fear to tread out a new path were recognised here but, unfortunately, the rest of scene paid no notice. However, one did stand apart from the crowd because it did its own thing, and that's Subterranean by Miss Monique and AVIRA feat. LUNA. Play it loud.

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