Saturday 31 December 2022

The Most Read 20 of 2022

That's 2022 almost done. The year of three Prime Ministers and Tory collapse, of land war in Europe for the first time since the implosion of Yugoslavia, and a terrible year of climate catastrophe. 2023 is going to be better, right? But as far as the blog is concerned, it's been a good year. Save for audience figures. It's not only the trains and the buses that are waiting for passengers to return to pre-pandemic levels. But on the analysis front, as explored last night, a lot of things have come right. Including the argument in the old book, of course.

As is customary, around these parts we mark the end of the year musically (coming later) and with a round-up of the 20 most-read post on here. Take it away.

1. The Pointlessness of Plotting
2. Jeremy Corbyn's Prospective New Party
From Comrade to Renegade
4. The Complacency of Tory Royalism
5. Inflation and Political Paralysis
6. The Labour Right's Corbyn Obsession
7. A Case Study in Decrepitude
8. Against Putin
9. The RMT Leaves TUSC
10. The Sun's Anxious Apology
11. Left Wing Ruthlessness
12. Keir Starmer's Bad Luck
13. Is Enough is Enough Enough?
14. USDAW and Right Wing Trade Unionism
15. Talk About a Revolution
16. Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste
17. The Main Enemy is at Home
18. On Operation Save Big Dog
19. Starmerism and Trade Unionism
20. The Faces of West Streeting

Anyone reading the monthly round up of the most popular reads know I regularly plug posts that didn't catch the audiences, but are worthy of a wider readership. This year I've collated together a dozen (no more, no less) pieces, one from each month, that fall into this category. Read them, share them with your friends, and read them some more!

Jan: The Tory Culture War on Universities
Feb: Wishing Covid Away
Mar: Paul Mason Vs Anti-Humanism
Apr: Immaterial Labour and its Discontents
May: Four Points on the Australian Election
Jun: Lamentable Labourism
Jul: The Hard Right and the Far Right
Aug: General Strikes
Sep: Royalism and Labourism
Oct: Our Anti-Democratic Comment Journalism
Nov: Stewarding the Depleted State
Dec The Right's Walking Wounded

One last thing. In 2022 I finally sorted the grift out. This blog will always be free to read, but if you do enjoy what appears here and you are fortunate to have quids to spare there are worse ways of disposing disposal cash than supporting this corner of the internet. If you can't or won't, that's fine. Cop us a follow and a like on Twitter or Facebook instead!

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