Friday 16 December 2022

Gordon Brown's Deck Chair Arrangement

Had a chat with the Podcasting is Praxis comrades the other night. The topic of our not-entirely-serious discussion was Gordon Brown's "constitutional revolution", which we kicked around like a deflated old football. That and we did think through its implications for statecraft, cronyism, accountability, and asked whether it would change much about our Very Normal Island. Give it a listen! And if you like what you hear, the podcast has the obligatory Patreon.


Robert Dyson said...

Off topic but relevant to our interests. We had parish council election last week. The two wards each had a lib-dem and an 'independent'. The independents had previously been conservative incumbents. But, people are not fooled, both lost. Some small comfort in that.

Dialectician1 said...

Thanks, Phil, thoroughly entertaining. Just the right balance of serious critique with jocular irreverence. Loved the term 'PFI necromancy' to describe the resurrection by Starmer & Brown of the good old 'Public/Private Partnership'. The PFI fiasco must be one of the great scandals of the Blair years.