Tuesday 1 February 2022

Patreon is Go!

Thanks to all the comrades who fed back on my ummings and ahhings about whether to set up a Patreon or not. If you're reading this on a conventional monitor, your eyes will have noticed the Become a Patron button just to the right of the screen. And if you're on a mobile or some other device, here is where the Patreon lies. Along with a photo of me.

There are three tiers based on monthly contributions. A quid, a fiver, or a tenner. Donate as much as you like, or donate nothing. It's entirely up to you. Following what folks said, there is no paywall nor will there ever be. All posts will be public. There are no privileges a monthly donation affords, apart from a warm fuzzy feeling. I might think again if MacKenzie Scott visits some philanthropy on this site and requests a learned post on a pet topic in exchange for a substantial, regular contribution.

Because some people get a bit sticky with the platforms they use (hence why Facebook and its ridiculous evolution to "Meta" tries to be an internet within the internet), the Patreon won't be idle. Everything will happen here as before. The posts on the Tories. The Keir Starmer content I know you love. Occasional forays into the far left, old video games, and lazy night dance music posts. The very rare longer piece. What Patreon will get, again pubicly available for all to see, will be a weekly digest of activities on here and other things I've been up to. All being well, this should come out every Sunday.

Why Patreon? As Phil mentioned in the comments, there are alternatives. True enough. But I've gone for practicality. Just as Facebook is an unavoidable site the discerning blogger has to deal with to disseminate their stuff, Patreon is the most well-used subscription site. More people donate to leftwing media through the platform than any other, save perhaps direct donations. I'm no vanguardist. Just like the Labour Party, I'm pandering to the crowd in the hope fortune will come my way.

There's nothing more to be said. If you carry on reading and donate, great. If you carry on reading and don't donate, also great. Just keep reading!

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