Monday 2 May 2022

Going Viral

I suppose it was inevitable. Despite religiously wearing face masks on the train, in the shopping centre, and when I'm lecturing lovely students the Covids have made a house call. Thankfully, the symptoms are very mild. Just the sniffles and that achey sense you get when you're on the verge of a cold or the flu. And I am a little bit shivery too, but apart from that not bad. Still got plenty of energy - for the moment. Though I will note I am absolutely stuffed full of the microscopic blighter. The postive LFT came back within a minute.

What this means is blogging might be disrupted over the next week or so. We'll have to see.


ShaunG said...

Sorry to hear this, Phil. Hope you recover soon!

Phil said...

Bad luck!

Recently I've been having two recurring thoughts - "loads of people I know seem to be getting it at the moment" and "I've avoided it so far, I'm hardly likely to get it *now*". Last night thought 2 finally collided with thought 1. Fortunately all my teaching's done for this year!

Alan Story said...

Well done Phil for soon hitting 4,000 posts.


And if you just appreciated that GETTNG PR DONE! was one key --- and certainly NOT the only key! ---- to advancement by the left in the UK, I would have written " Very well done Phil ..."

Under PR, I think a REAL socialist party could get 8% of the vote... and that would mean 8% of the seats at Westminster...and that is NOT something to sneeze at.

Jenny said...

get well soon!

Robert said...

Get well soon Phil