Saturday 7 May 2022

Covid Update

Don't worry, Covid hasn't put me down for the count. The good news is I'm much better and hoping its reputation for tricksy curveballs don't throw me off my fairly linear path to complete recovery. That said, even though I'm starting to feel more or less normal today I got hit with a wave of fatigue. Not ideal when you're on a promise to write two articles about the local election results. Hopefully a good night's sleep will see me right as rain, because there are plenty of things to talk about. Like,

Sinn Fein's victory in the Northern Ireland Assembly elections.

Why the Liberal Democrats and the Greens benefited from disaffection with the Tories in England and Labour didn't.

How did left-of-Labour electoral challenges do? (For instance, the Lutfur Rahman/Aspire triumph in Tower Hamlets)

And ... will "beergate" force a premature end to calamity Keir's undistinguished leadership?

I'd like to write about all these things, but time is not on my side. Covid and time permitting, we'll see what we can talk about this coming week.

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Karl Greenall said...

Thanks, Phil. Much to think about there!