Monday 1 February 2021

Five Most Popular Posts in January

Where has January gone? Seems five minutes since we bid adieu to 2020 and we're already a month in. Well, slave to the calendar as always here are the five biggest hitters since the beginning of the year.

1. The Tory Food Parcel Scam
2. Ten Points on Trump's Attempted Coup
3. Covid is Killing Britons Faster than WWII
4. Why is Labour Ignoring the Teaching Unions?
5. A Sociology of Tory Covid Short-Termism

Not a bad month on the posting front, and the charts aren't dominated by critical Keir studies. Praise be! The latest Tory outsourcing outrage commanded proceedings by a country mile, but doing very respectably in the click through scores was my quick meditation on Trump's inept and chaotic coup, followed by my even briefer effort looking at some simple maths about Covid. Labour did have to make the list. It is the law, after all, and on this occasion it was how Keir Starmer decided to spurn the teaching unions. A practice much in common with Blair and Brown if you want some historical context. Bring up the rear we have a gander at the latest short-termist rubbish coming from the government. To be sure, few world leaders have proven greater friends to Coronavirus than Boris Johnson.

Pleasingly, the numbers coming through the doors this month are at their highest since December 2019. If it wasn't for le book and I knocked out a few more posts it would have got even higher. Is this good fortune because I've written on stuff people want to read about, or the algorithmic gods are in a less capricious mood, or a combination of both, or something else? Whatevs, here's to hoping this continues (through we're still off the 200,000/month peaks of mid-2017).

Doling out second chances this month? Hmmm. Let's have this note on Starmerism and Fabianism. A theme I can see myself belabouring a lot between now and the end of the year.

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Phil said...

To whoever the "unknown" person is who keeps trying to post stuff here questioning trans rights, you're wasting your time. Transphobia, like sexism, racism and homophobia is scabbing and I will not stand for it.