Monday 1 July 2019

Five Most Popular Posts in June

What posts tickled the fancy of you, the most fickle of publics during the course of June? Well, here's where you find out.

1. Corbynism and the Second Referendum
2. Bye Bye Change UK
3. Obsolete Politics and the Socialist Party Split
4. On Tory Party Psychopathy
5. Your Hot Take on Peterborough

Matters of Corbynism's continued health rise to the top of the most viewed pieces this month. And quite rightly so. When polls since the EU elections consistently report politics at the moment is between four parties, we need to have a think about how we got here and how to get beyond it. Pretending it's just a blip and everything will right itself in time is the most useless complacency, frankly. Speaking of complacency, it's all over bar the inevitable election defeats for Change UK. Hopefully I'll never have to write about this bunch of losers ever again. Then my quick overview of the crisis in the Socialist Party/Committee for a Workers' International helped pull in the lefty trainspotter audience, and this was followed by an examination of the collective psychosis gripping the Tory party membership. What a time to be writing a book about their decline and demise, eh? And last of all some ruminations on the Peterborough by-election result which was, supposedly, the Brexit Party's contest to lose.

Well, next month we can look forward to a new Conservative Prime Minister. We also get to find out how many members the Tories have really got, so that will be fun. And there's the small matter of ramping up no deal Brexit preparations as Boris Johnson, for surely it shall be he, is prepared to break the economy and sacrifice other people's living standards for the continued viability of his party. All the fun things, then.

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Julian said...

I don't think the Conservative Party will let it get to a vote of their members because that will show how few they have - 30-40K paying subscriptions according to their accounts, not 120,000.

Hunt will probably step down, as Leadsome did, and Boris will be crowned Lord of the Flies.