Wednesday 17 July 2019

Corbynomics Vs Neoliberalism

A very interesting discussion on Novara Media on Tuesday night. Michael was joined by James Meadway, oft-credited with the heavy lifting regards Corbynomics, and Gillian Keegan, Conservative MP for Chichester. For a Tory to appear on Novara is interesting in and of itself, but how she engages with and tries rebutting James's position is a useful lesson in Tory thought processes. She no doubt genuinely believes that austerity was necessary and worthwhile, and neoliberal economics are the best way to go, but how she defends these positions betrays a certain something. It reminds me of defences of privilege. Anyone speaking up for inequality knows it's an untenable position, but reach for any old rope to try and justify it. Gillian does exactly the same here, preferring to shelter in ideology and occasionally shouting Corbyn! and McDonnell! instead of addressing James's points and Labour's economic programme.

Worth watching.


Anonymous said...

Every right wing argument in the final analysis resolves itself into the idea that the rich and powerful are rich and powerful because they are superior human beings, anything else is an abstraction. This includes justification for the Tory austerity truck ploughing into the poor and vulnerable.

It is often pointed out that Tory austerity has led to at least 100,000 British deaths (eat your heart out ISIS!), millions driven into food banks, massive increase in homelessness where town centres resemble some dystopian nightmare and general misery and despair among the weakest in society. The thing to remember is that this was the entire point of Tory austerity and for them and their depraved base, job done.

The biggest security threat to British citizens isn’t Iran, or Hamas or ISIS, it is the Tory party.

I have placed them on my terrorist watch list.

Anonymous said...

Suggest you have let your bias interfere with your judgement. Gillian seems to have bags of experience in the real world and a real working class background. James comes across as an academic and out of touch with how real people and live and are motivated. No experience of providing jobs or employment either. "John McDonnel" worked in a television factory one" is the most memorable quote to justify his experience of reality. Dangerously out of touch.

Phil said...

If you've spent your career trotting about the globe with a mega bucks job, that's not what I would call living in the real world.