Wednesday 1 May 2019

Five Most Popular Posts in April

Another month gone in which, shock horror, Brexit didn't dominate the headlines. What on earth is happening to politics? In this respite, what kind of posts pulled in the numbers?

1. On Lefties for Farage
2. Thinking and Chewing Gum
3. The Class Politics of the Indicative Votes
4. Is a New Conservative Party Possible?
5. The Newport West By-Election

Okay, so Brexit might be background but it still struggles its way through, like an unpleasant memory or an unconscious tick. And top of our particular pops is Nigel Farage, or rather the idea some leftists are prepared to vote for his Brexit Party on "democratic" grounds. Forsooth, it's sad whenever nation is put before class, and doubly tragic when it's the British state. Do comrades need a history lesson? Following it up was Julian Assange, who I'm sure we'll be hearing more from. Then a bit more Brexit in thinking about the politics behind the whole indicative vote farce, and the role Change UK might play in the break up of the Conservative Party - if they had any nous. Last of all, there were some thoughts about the Newport West by-election. Fun!

Personally, April was pretty shit all told. Simon Speck was a great friend and colleague, and it's difficult to believe he's gone. So to remember him, I wrote this.

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