Sunday 24 February 2019

Thoughts on The Independent Group

On Friday night, Alex Doherty of the ever-excellent Politics Theory Other podcast and, um, me settled down to have a chat about TInG, the Labour right and politics more generally. This sesh was very much a case of thinking aloud!

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Braingrass said...

Great podcast thanks.

Haven't the NEC released details of the antisemitism cases?
1,106 complaints lodged
433 relate to non-Labour members
96 members suspended
146 written warning
211 served notice of investigation
220 had insufficient evidence

If you assume that Labour membership is c500,000, and you include written letters and investigations, then it would be 0.1% of the membership. Hardly evidence of widespread antisemitism in the Labour party. Of course that doesn't justify one instance of antisemitism.

Anonymous said...

Exposure isn’t a problem (these people will get so much exposure in the mainstream you would think they were the largest party), anti Semitism isn’t the problem (which is a completely fake news, a thoroughly retrograde, nasty and calculating project aimed at the Palestinian people via their supporters in the West)

You said that the people who make claims anti Semitism have a poor record of anti Black racism, anti Muslim racism etc but you don’t have to leap that far off topic, just ask yourself the question, how much hatred can there be for Palestinians among these people when they go out of their way to criminalise those who stand up for the rights of Palestinians and go out of their way to justify the nation that was built on their dispossession and continued oppression and savage brutality? My answer would be that those who claim anti Semitism thoroughly hate and detest the Palestinian people. In fact denigrating the Palestinian people is a bit of a sport in the lunatic West, especially among the mainstream. At this hatred was ramped up following Israel’s murderous and infamous cast lead operation because for the first time in the lunatic West public opinion was in a majority against Israel’s actions. I can only say that the witch hunts against supporters of the Palestinians have been very successful and seeing this success has only emboldened the witch hunting culture.

The fundamental problem for the PLP is that the leader of the Labour party has social democratic policies but more importantly a decidedly anti imperialist bent. This is beyond the pale for the Blairites. And more pointedly they can’t get rid of him in the conventional way.

The other issue is that these people are devout remainers and will do anything to stop that, believing remaining in the EU is the be all and end all of, well everything.

Add into this that these people are up for reselection and you have all the ingredients you need for a split.