Saturday 1 December 2018

Five Most Popular Posts in November

New month, old posts. What happened to be the most popular reads in November?

1. Is the Conservative Party about to Die?
2. Thoughts on the Tory Crisis
3. Was New Labour Neoliberal?
4. Has Jeremy Corbyn Saved the Labour Party?
5. Labour's Tax Bombshell

Given the uncertainty governing British politics, it's fitting last month's selection of posts feature so many questions. As all commentary now is critical Brexit studies, it couldn't possibly be any other way. As long argued here the Conservative Party are in long-term decline, and Brexit has accelerated this process to the point where its destruction cannot be discounted. Happy days. However, the appetite for what's happening to the Labour Party has hardly abated. We had a rubbish pamphlet from Glen O'Hara whose argument that Blair wasn't neoliberal because poor people were better off under his 10 years in government got a comprehensive rubbishing. And a couple of reflections on the current state of Corbynism, including the tactical utility of keeping Hammond's tax cut for people on £45k-£50k.

December is where the action is going to be at. During the last 12 years of off/on comment here, political crises have come and gone, but we know there is one coming when Theresa May's ludicrous deal will fail to clear the house. Hold on to your hats!

And do we have a moment for a post deserving of a second chance? How about this one on what the DUP's game is.

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