Monday 8 May 2023

Eurovision 2023 Preview

The coronation had its celebratory concert, but that will get blown out of the water by Eurovision this weekend. And what a show we have in store with some cracking performances from some cracking artists. As this blog is a stickler for custom and practice, here is the annual eye on a handful of picks worth noting.

Mae Muller's I Wrote a Song gets top billing here because a) patriotism is compulsory in Eurovision, even for left wingers, b) Mae is a comrade, and c) the UK is in with a shout of winning, actually. Undoubtedly we would have won last year if it wasn't for the "special circumstances" in Ukraine, and it appears the powers-that-be at the BBC have had a penny dropping moment. Marry a decent artist to a contemporary-sounding(ish) song with nods to the signature Eurovision styles, like practically every other competing country in Eurovision does, and the UK entry will do well. Mae is up against stome stiff competition, but it does stand up well in the field. Can the UK pull it off this year? Some other have a thing or two to say about it.

Eurovision didn't earn its reputation as the greatest show on earth without a touch of ridiculum, and this year Austria have dished up a slice of the absurd.

Teya & Salena's Edgar is a song about being possessed by the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe in case you missed it.

Every year there's a no hoper that tickles my tastes, and here's my pick for the best. Belgium's entry will get the gender cops mad.

Gustaph's Because of You pushes all the buttons. Voguing (which, I hope, will be in the stage show), an early 90s house echo, and a guarantee to upset reactionaries across Europe. Sign me up.

But who is the contest really between? There are two tunes that have garnered most interest. We have Armenia's offering:

Not to my taste, but Brunette's Future Lover is doing the YouTube numbers. And as voting is a numbers game, those willing to take a punt could do worse than lay a few sovereigns on this effort.

The closest contender does have a mean pedigree behind it. The country I speak of is Eurovision superpower Sweden, and here is their entry:

A name familiar to Eurovision stans, Loreen first took the crown a decade ago with her light trance belter Euphoria. Now back with a bit more attitude, an interesting stage game, and a more vocally intensive tune, Tattoo is best placed to and probably will edge Armenia out on the night. But this is Eurovision and its voting system is notoriously brutal. Perhaps the fickle publics are going to choose someone else entirely?

Who is your pick for Eurovision this year?

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