Tuesday 1 October 2019

Five Most Popular Posts in September

And that's it, the penultimate month before Brexit if we are to believe the Prime Minister. But more important than even our departure from the European Union ... what were the most read posts on this here blog?

1. Is this the End of Boris Johnson?
2. Finance Capital and the Conservative Party
3. Veering to the Right
4. After the Week from Hell
5. Cancelling Tom Watson

If you were seeking escape from the crisis engulfing the Tory party, you might want to look away from this month's selection. We end the month as we started it, with the Prime Minister engulfed in crisis and scandal. The difference being then he might conceivably have been regarded as the master of his destiny, and now he's more at the mercy of events. And so we opened with the question of whether the days of Boris Johnson's premiership are numbered, and we close wondering what, if anything, can make this utter buffoon resign. Moving on to matters more chin-strokey, I was pleased my long piece on the split within the ruling class more generally and finance capital in particular did quite well. You can expect to find this strand explored in the jolly old book. And in addition to the Tories' difficulties we have some LibDem nonsense, and a piece on the coup that never was against Tommy Watson. In other words, this was a month in which fun aplenty could be found for all the family.

Who's propping up the bar in the second chance saloon this time round? The award is going to my review of the dreadful Corbynism: A Critical Approach - and its supplementary note. As for next month, it's going to get bumpy but your faithful blogger will be on hand capturing and commenting on the action.

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Looking forward to reading your book which I am sure will be a good read.