Monday, 1 January 2018

Five Most Popular Posts in December

The most read last month were ...

1. Why Galloway Shouldn't Be Allowed Back
2. The Intellectual Collapse of the Labour Right
3. Bordering on the Ridiculous
4. Labour NEC Ballot: Vote Left
5. Three Things Stoke Got Wrong with its City of Culture Bid

A quieter month befitting the scant efforts I put into writing, therefore not surprising to see the top five clustering toward its beginning. The prospect of George Galloway returning to the party in a pointless kite flying exercise by Andrew Murray captured most views, followed by something a bit more thoughtful trying to make sense of the intellectual collapse of the Labour right. To be honest, it's a collapse that's long been coming - the new political situation after the general election had merely catalysed it. Interest was also shown in the Tories' difficulties over the Irish border issue, who the left should vote for in Labour's NEC elections (TL;DR version: it's the leading left candidates), and we finally look at the unforced errors in Stoke's City of Culture bid. Though judging by how it was paid for in Hull and little evidence of lasting impact elsewhere, it's probably a bullet dodged.

What about this coming month? I can only speak of the coming attractions over the next few days because events, dear boy, events. The top 100 independent tweeting bloggers will land very shortly, followed by something about Toby Young (sorry). And then something on the politics of prediction seeing as everyone got theirs wrong last year, and will probably do so again. Though I do need to remember I'm supposed to be slowing the blogging down ...

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SimonB said...

The idea that Galloway can be rehabilitated still makes me shudder.

The fact that people still support him clearly demonstrates how the Left still has the ability to throw away the progress we've made recently.

Happy New Year!

BCFG said...

I guess opposing wars, supporting the Palestinians, being one of the first MP's to support LGBT issues etc etc makes one a pariah to the Yvette Cooper loving centre left.

Makes perfect sense actually.

The war mongers responsible for the mass murder in Iraq, the destruction of Syria, Libya etc are of course to be allowed to stay in the party. What could be more natural?

No Galloway, that monster criminal, cannot possibly ever be allowed back in the party, for his crimes are so mighty and profound how can any right minded, sensible person ever forgive his litany of criminal offences. I mean can you all remember that terrible thing he did that time, my god centrists shudder when thinking about it.

How noble the Yvette Cooper loving centre left are in defending polite society from the menace, this menace who surely makes all centre people shudder, just like we shudder when we think of Jimmy Saville in those hospitals.

My god how did we ever allow such a monster criminal as Galloway to join the party in the first place. All right minded, sane and sensible centrists must shudder at the horror of it all!