Tuesday 24 September 2013

Tory Responses to Ed Miliband's Speech

To be fair, there have been a couple of thinking responses from the blue corner. Peter Oborne continues his trajectory as a sort-of Tory Dan Hodges, minus the bile and the blockheaded Blairism circa 1997. Anyone who regularly reads his offering knows Oborne is finding it increasingly difficult to hide his admiration for the Labour leader. Hostile, but thoughtful nonetheless is Benedict Brogan's take. Beneath the bluster he faithfully reproduces from CCHQ, he's come to the realisation the Tories face a much tougher opponent than their ridiculous Weak Ed meme suggests.

However, I think these are pearls cast before swine if these nuggets from the Tory grassroots (including a couple of MPs!) are anything to go by.

"Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad."


asquith said...

I don't like Miliband but I'm having to come to terms with him because I think "we've got him". People underestimate him but not me, when he first got nominated I was the only person who wasn't laughing. I am sure he is going to be prime minister. He has what it takes. I won't like what he does but I think he'll be doing it soon. You heard it here first. Prediction for 2015.

Phil said...

Haha, I've long believed Labour will win the election in 2015. But you are the first liberal I know who's said that.

But when push comes to shove, when it's between Labour and the Conservatives who will you plump for?

Phil said...

IDS MP is a parody account (and a good one). I'm not sure about the guy who responded to it, though.

Phil said...

Indeed, hence its inclusion.

I could print this lot out and use them for an absurdist art installation.

jimboo said...

I get posts on my facebook account from Liberals Unite.
Some great quotes from the Tea Party weirdos which shows how far tremoved they are from reality. But some of these posts show how scared the Tory elected are of a rise in UKIP vote costing them their seats, now that is facing reality.

Pete said...

Oborne's "even in Swindon" deserves some kind of fanfare.

Gary Elsby said...

Small businesses are to have a business rate cut(not true) and this cut will be financed by BIG business not having a Corporation tax increase.

Small businesses haven't paid the full business rate under Cameron and Clegg from day one and it's a question whether they have paid half of what they should pay.

Paying the full price is on the agenda each and every year but this coalition actually listened and listens to the economic case for no retreat.

Ed is not being reasonable here but he has now alienated BIG business.

It's noted that Ed didn't relate to Labour's economic (criminal) record and has not informed anyone how he will reduce the deficit of this Country.

I predict that Ed is to be slaughtered by dark powers and it will be done so as Labour members clap wildly to the joys of Labour Leaders in the wilderness.

Ed wants to take Labour to the left and to 'glory days' in a race to the 'top' (!?)

The question I ask, is what period is he referring to?

T-Childs said...

Seems by looking at those tweet posts that some people are rather removed from a genuine critical faculty. How can things be any worse than they are now?