Friday 6 September 2013

Robocop - The Official Trailer

Robocop was one of my very favourite movies when I was a kid. I can remember as soon as it came out on rental how practically everyone in my year at junior school just had to see it. But it was more than just the straight action and bad language, we loved the satirical cut scenes. And though we were all between 10 and 11 years of age, we got it.

Always looking for a franchise to reboot, Hollywood have decided to give Robocop the 21st century treatment. Behold:

Unfortunately, and I hate to say it, Robocop is looking decidedly crappy. The phrase 'made for TV' springs to mind as the quality of the acting and effects are, shall we say, decidedly lacking. And what about the satire? I think you'll find more social commentary in the decades-old computer game rendering of the original.

It looks like a poor effort, but we shall see.


Gary Elsby said...

Notice the deliberate cut and paste of the landing circa iron man, Captain America, Silver Surfer?

Phil said...

Nicely spotted. Would much prefer it if they'd put thought into satire than obscure super hero movie references!