Friday 20 September 2013

Ayumi Hamasaki - M (Above & Beyond Cyber Trance Remix)

No time for a proper post this evening as I'll be heading to that most august monthly occasion: the Stoke-on-Trent Central Labour Party meeting. But thanks to Ed's entirely welcome announcement of Labour's intention to scrap the bedroom tax, the assembled comrades may be a little less cynical.

While it is ridiculous that the leadership have prevaricated over the bedroom tax for so long, a return to something resembling principled opposition deserves marking. And this blog being this blog, the proper way is to inflict a superb trance classic on you readers. This time it's the Above & Beyond Cyber Trance Remix of M by bubble gum J-Pop exponent, Ayumi Hamasaki.


Howard Fuller said...

Hi Phil,

Not a comment for your blog but a request.

LabourStart are pushing this urgent appeal, would you be prepared to post?

Photo can be used.



Phil said...

Sure thing - will post it up later.