Monday 16 September 2013

1,000 Years of European History in Three Minutes

It's like a game of Civilization, except it's real.


Sarah AB said...

ooh - I have spent too many hours playing Civ in its various manifestations. Culture bombs are my favourite means of attack (and then nukes as a back up if the AI prove resistant).

Howard Fuller said...


Absolutely fascinating!

Actually I wanted to slow it down a bit because it was so fast.

Good soundtrack too, any idea what it is?

Phil said...

In that case Sarah, you might like this chin-stroker about Civ from way, way back. It began life in 2002 as an essay where Jacques Derrida met Civ.

I do like to have a Civ splurge from time to time. But only III does it for me, not keen on IV or V. What's your Civ tipple?

Phil said...

I think you'll have to use the old pause/play method! If one year = one second it would probably be too long except for super serious geeks.

Sarah AB said...

Very interesting - I was always intrigued by the fact communism seemed to work so (comparatively) well as a civic, environmentalism so badly. Also by the way they changed the rules so that it became much easier to go to war if you were a democracy. I like IV - haven't in fact played V yet (though I have it).