Wednesday 17 April 2013

Tears of a Clown


jimboo said...

I can't let Maggie go ?

Gary Elsby said...

One day Phil, you'll come to understand what a seriously disturbing personality you have.

To think you have some influence within the Stoke Labour Party is really quite frightening.

I hope you realise that you should do the decent thing and render yourself unfit to serve the public in any capacity.

Brought the cops in yet?
Not Fry, not Meredith.

Phil said...

Oh ye of little self-awareness.

The good readers of this blog can read my thoughts on an almost daily basis. They are then welcome to compare them to yours.

Gary Elsby said...

You shouldn't take my view that you have a disturbing personality, personally Phil.
If you wish to make fun of someone who is in mourning at a funeral, then do so but don't expect everyone to appeal to your sick sense of, well, humour(?).

I stand by all my comments in all my election leaflets.
Please note that I demolished the former Stoke Central secretary with ease (friend of who?)

Also note that in my 30 years membership of the Labour Party, I never claimed 1 single penny of expenses on anything, including election material.

Called the cops in yet Phil?

ps. It really is quite acceptable to hammer the Tories on POLICIES and hammer the Liberals on POLICIES and hammer the SWP on POLICIES and hammer the BNP on POLICIES without resorting to disturbing behaviour requiring urgent medical analysis.

Let's hope you have no political ambition (other than to oversee Labour's crushing in Stoke).

Try not to take it too personally Phil.

Mark Walmsley said...

Read about it, been trying to avoid an image. Even worse than I imagined.

Anonymous said...

oooooh phils got a stalker.

Phil said...

I make no apologies for mocking Osborne, Gary. This is a man who is compounding our economy's long-term weaknesses and causing the most appalling pain to the people our movement was set up to defend. To suspend the antipathy one has to such an awful figure just because a tear rolled down Gidders' cheek is the really impossible, inhuman thing to do.