Sunday 14 April 2013

Psy - Gentleman

The Americans haven't made a series of surgical strikes against the North's nuclear facilities. And neither has Kim Yong-un let loose an artillery barrage as prelude to a ground invasion. But there has been a horrifying development on the Korean peninsula all the same: Psy has a new single out. Here is his official video for Gentleman.

Does it match Gangnam Style for sheer awfulness? And can it be construed as an ideological weapon in the North/South cold war?


Sher Shayari said...

I have just seen this video, its music is good and the video is likeable. Psy must be an icon that he is followed by lot of viewers all over the world. It is a good funny video

Anonymous said...

Drop the fucking bomb now please!!

Anonymous said...

Although plenty of feminists and conflict theorists have probably already made arguments about the perpetuation of patriarchy through pop culture (Psy's Gentleman music video being an example), a translation of the lyrics essentially puts the song into a ironic light, and therefore the clearly sexist acts are done in an ironic way. The song itself great. However, despite the fact that Psy catered "Gangnam Style" excellently to a global audience, I'm afraid the non-Korean speaking demographic may be getting the wrong idea about Psy. I'm probably looking into this too much, but it's always worth an analysis.